WhatsApp reaches 500 Million users!

Whatsapp & Facebook

Popular IM service WhatsApp has reached the 500 million users milestone. And it’s not just the total number of users the service has but active users who use the service regularly.

This comes shortly after the company was acquired by Facebook, although WhatsApp had a healthy 450 million users at the time of acquisition. The majority of the growth comes from countries like Brazil, India, Mexico, and Russia, with India alone having 48 million WhatsApp users.


One of the reason the service is so popular in developing nations is sheer number of platforms the service is available on, which includes iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian and S40, unlike many other services that are only available on iOS and Android.

The service has remained unaltered since the Facebook acquisition and is expected to remain that way.

Leaked screenshots reveal a possible upcoming huge Android redesign!

Google Redesigning Android App Icons [Rumor]

With every major revision of Android, Google brings about small changes to the appearance of the Android operating system. So far we’ve seen Google experiment with a bunch of different looks and according to the folks at Android Police, they claim that according to a new rumor, Google could be giving its app icons a visual makeover, possibly in a future major Android update which could be revealed at Google I/O later this June.

According to them, the new style of icons are known internally as “Moonshine” and is basically a redesign of the Google app icons to more closely resemble its web counterpart. For example the Gmail icon on the web and on Android looks different from one another, and while more proficient and experience Android users will have no problem identifying the app, first-time users could be a little lost.

Leaked screenshots reveal a possible upcoming huge Android redesignThey go on to state that the new design language Google would be opting for its icons would include a flatter appearance, together with long, hard shadows strategically placed behind prominent elements. The screenshot pictured to the right is courtesy of Android Police’s source who is apparently familiar with the matter, thus affording us a look as to what the newly designed icons could look like.

For the most part they are readily identifiable upon first glance and we have to say that we are liking what we see so far. Now the question is whether or not Google will actually make those changes. Since we’re still far away from Google I/O and a potential major Android update announcement, there is a chance that the design of the icons have yet to be finalized and that things could change at the last minute, so don’t get your heart set on this design just yet, but in the meantime what do you guys think? Are you digging the new look?

Flappy Bird could return, creator says!


Flappy Bird could return, creator Dong Nguyen told Rolling Stone .

The free-to-play mobile phenomenon launched last September on iOS and this January on Android. By early February, Nguyen said that Flappy Bird was generating more than $50,000 a day in ad revenue. In mid-February, Nguyen pulled the gamebecause he was concerned that it had “become an addictive product.” Feedback from those who either played or knew of Flappy Bird contributed to his concern. He’s kept messages from people who criticized him for “distracting the children of the world.” He heard of people breaking their phones and losing their jobs.

“At first I thought they were just joking,” Nguyen said, “but I realize they really hurt themselves.”

Those who downloaded it can still play Flappy Bird, and he continues to earn “tens of thousands of dollars” from the game. Asked whether he might reintroduce Flappy Bird at some point, he said it’s a possibility.

“I’m considering it,” he said.

If Flappy Bird does return for sale, its creator also said it would do so with a warning imploring players to “Please take a break.”

Since its takedown, many Flappy Bird clones have appeared in mobile app stores. One report pegged 95 similar games that launched on a single day in February. Its lack of retail availability didn’t stop a crowdfunding campaign from launching for Flappy, a wireless plush toy controller for the game.

Even though the game was free to play with only the in-game ads being the source of revenue, Nguyen was said to be earning close to $50,000 per day from his game.