Alleged image and details of Nexus 6 make the rounds!

Alleged image and details on the upcoming Nexus 6 made the rounds online. The Motorola device is said to go official next month, and hit the retail shelves a month later, in November.

Also known as Motorola Shamu and Nexus X, the soon to be revealed device appears to carry the exact same design language as the 2014 Moto X. The leaked image reveals similar camera setup with dual-flash, the signature Motorola dimple on the back, as well as the volume rocker and the power/lock key of the device. The last two have been moved down in order to accommodate easier operation of the large display.

Nexus branding is noticeably missing from the above image. However, word is that the design has not been completely finalized. The finished product is certain to carry Nexus branding when it goes official.

In line with past rumors, the alleged specs of the Nexus 6 by Motorola include Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SoC, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of built-in memory, and 5.92” QHD display with 498ppi. A 3,200mAh battery reportedly powers the handset.

The camera of the Nexus 6 is going to be a 13MP unit capable of capturing 4K video. The front-facing 2MP unit is purportedly the same as the one found in the new Moto X.

As expected, the handset will debut with Android L on board. Motorola’s custom features will not make it to the Nexus 6.

What about having WhatsApp on your wrist?

You can already have an encyclopedia on your wrist, so why not a messaging service?

That’s at least the thinking behind the makers of WhatsApp, who have released their app for Android Wear.

Beginning today, WhatsApp has now been made available for Android Wear devices. You’ll be able to read your messages and even reply to them from your smartwatch.


Now don’t think you’ll be typing away on a tiny screen; you’ll need to talk into your wrist Dick Tracy style to dictate the messages. What’s interesting is that WhatsApp hasn’t made the update public. There isn’t any mention of it on the Google Play Store, nor have they made any official announcements regarding the latest update.

You’ll need to manually install the update to get the feature as well; it won’t be pushed to your device. It should be headed to the Google Play Store very soon, but if you want to start talking into your wrist, then you can click the source link below and go to town.

Android topped iOS in global usage for the first time ever!

We all know Android’s market share crushes every other mobile platform out there in terms of shipment volume, but Android’s share of mobile usage as recorded by various networks around the world has always lagged Apple’s iOS platform… until now.

Just as we noted would be the case, Net Applications shows that Android’s share of global smartphone and tablet usage has narrowly topped worldwide combined usage of iPhones and iPad tablets. This marks the first time in the platform’s history that it finds itself at the top of the mobile pile.

Net Applications measure global mobile usage, which it refers to as market share, by monitoring traffic across its massive global network.


In the month of July, the firm shows that Android’s usage share jumped to 44.62% from 43.75% in June. As Android was gaining almost a point, iOS’s share of global mobile usage dipped to 44.19% in July from 45.61% in June. The slight loss was enough to move Apple to the No. 2 slot for the first time since Android’s debut, though things could certainly change quickly with the company’s expected iPhone 6 launch just over one month away.

Meanwhile, Windows Phone enjoyed a nice boost to 2.49% in July from 1.99% in June, and BlackBerry still isn’t big enough to be counted.