Google Doodle Celebrates Lebanon’s Independence Day 2014!

Google Doodle Lebanese Independence 2014

Google has come up with a special Google doodle for Lebanon’s independence day this year.

This is the fifth year where Google celebrates Lebanon’s independence day, here’s the other Doodles:

Lebanon Independence Day

The Lebanese Independence Day, on November 22, 1943, is a national day celebrated in remembrance of the liberation from the French Mandate which was exercised over Lebanese soil for over 23 years.

File:Prince Majeed Arslan 5.jpg

BMW Fascination Days Lebanon, See it today. Drive it tomorrow.

We’ve been invited to attend the opening of BMW Lebanon’s Special Event, BMW Fascination Days!


When you first arrive to Bassoul-Heneine’s location (BMW local Dealer), the M Spirit welcomes you with the beautiful M stripes design on the glass covering the building.


You enter the showroom to find the gorgeous 4 Series, 420i Coupe and 420i Cabrio in front!

20141114_161127 20141114_154916 20141114_154927 20141114_162739 20141114_160409 20141114_160521

Now take a look at all the models!

20141114_155003 20141114_155936 20141114_160004 20141114_160021 20141114_160028 20141114_160109 20141114_160122 20141114_160359 20141114_160603 20141114_160618 20141114_160650 20141114_160710 20141114_161257 20141114_161503 20141114_161616 20141114_162001
20141114_162252 20141114_162912 20141114_163103 20141114_163205 20141114_163459 20141114_163508 20141114_163518 20141114_163525 20141114_163534 20141114_163537 20141114_163544 20141114_163547 20141114_163557 20141114_163601 20141114_163616 20141114_163620 20141114_163633 20141114_163640 20141114_163651 20141114_163723 20141114_163731 20141114_163738 20141114_163755 20141114_163804 20141114_163845

Now let’s move to BMW Motorcycles!

20141114_163241 20141114_163348 20141114_160809 20141114_160815 20141114_160857 20141114_163233

And that’s pretty much it folks! You can visit BMW Fascination Days and:
1. Discover and test drive the new wide range of BMW models
2. Benefit from very special offers on selected models.
3. Live the German experience

Date: 14th- 21st November
Time: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am- 7:00pm
Venue: BMW Sed El Bauchrieh and Ain el Mreisseh Showrooms

[Updated] Brazil to play a Friendly Football Game against Lebanon on September 4 in Beirut!

Final Score: Brazil 2 – 2 Lebanon 

Scorers: Brazil (Braga – Araujo) – Lebanon (Ghaddar - Maatouk)

Statistics Brazil Vs Lebanon:Lebanon vs Brazil statistics

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UPDATE 1: The game has been rescheduled to the 8 of September in Doha Qatar at 9 pm due to the situation in Lebanon! (Credits to Malek El Far). The Game will be Live on New Tv (Al Jadeed) at 9 Pm Beirut Time

“An-Nahar” Newspaper: The Brazilian football Olympic Team agreed to play a friendly match with the national Lebanese Olympic team in Lebanon on September 4, in addition to the two friendlies against the elected Iraqi and Bahraini in Beirut as well.

A source close to the Lebanese Federation of Football told the newspaper “Al-Nahar” that the head of the Executive Committee of the Federation, Hashim Haider is following all the details closely and that the Committee has made ​​arrangements of all the bookings for hotels, transportation and other things like necessary logistics to arrange for the hosting of the Brazilian national team.

And he’s waiting for a response from security agencies regarding the security arrangements that ensures the protection of the Brazilian national team and the other Arab teams during their stay in Lebanon.

Note: It’s not the official Brazilian football team, its the Brazilian Olympics football team to play against the Lebanese Olympics football team.

(منتخب البرازيل الاولمبي مع لبنان الاولمبي مش المنتخب الاول)