Anything goes in concept renders, but some of them hit the sweet spot between a wacky dream device and the a plausible but boring reality. The homebrew concept by NAK Studio of the hotly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III below is just relaying what many customers of Samsung’s otherwise stellar flagship phones want – a more sophisticated outer shell design.

Nothing wrong with plastic – it is durable, lightweight, and allows for better signal penetration, but introducing some metal in the chassis will give the Galaxy S III a more premium feeling without a doubt.

The concept render artist, who is not affiliated with Samsung in any way, stays otherwise very true to the slim Galaxy S II, with the hump at the bottom and the elevated camera area, as well as the angular looks. The camera, however, is listed as 12MP, and the polished feel of the metal chassis introduces a curvier side profile, making us wish this was the real deal we will see some time in the spring.




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