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Lighter, faster Ferrari California revealed !

Ferrari California

Ferrari has announced a LIGHTER! and MORE POWERFUL! version of its California soft-top, set for a reveal at the upcoming Geneva motor show.

Maranello’s finest have installed new exhaust manifolds and remapped the engine management system to extract a further 30bhp from that glorious 4.3-litre V8, with power and torque figures now sitting at 490bhp and 372lb ft.

Ferrari has also used aluminium fabrication and construction techniques – employed by the Scaglietti Centre of Excellence – in building the California’s chassis to reduce weight by 30kg to 1705kg.

As such, these minute improvements help the California’s 0-62mph time by a minute fraction: the ubiquitous benchmark now takes 3.8 seconds, down from 3.9 seconds.

There’s more. Ferrari has also announced a Handling Speciale package that speeds up the electronics controlling the Magnetorheological dampers by 50 per cent, features stiffer springs and a new steering box with a 10 per cent quicker steering ratio.

This minutely improved and minutely faster California also gets a choice of new colours and personalisation schemes too. But you knew that already.

No word on prices, but expect it to be minutely more expensive than the current car’s £147k starting price.

What to expect at MWC 2012 : Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, Sony & more

Without a doubt, MWC 2012 is the event that the tech-savvy crowd is looking forward to right now. And that should come as no surprise as the most well-known smartphone and tablet manufacturers are expected to unveil their latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos.
Of course, it is hard to tell what Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, Sony, and the rest of the gang are going to show off at MWC 2012. However, we believe that we have done a good job at making a list of all the suspects. Now go grab a cup of coffee and read along for all the spicy details.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to

At MWC 2012, many will have their eyes focused on HTC as the Taiwanese manufacturer is expected to announce not one, not two, but at least three new smartphones: The HTC One X, HTC One S, and HTC One V. If these names sound entirely new to you, that is because until recently, these devices were known in the blogosphere only by their code names: Edge, Ville, and Primo respectively. Among the three, the One X appears to be the flagship with its Tegra 3 quad-core processor and 4.7-inch 720p display. What is also cool about it is that it may ship before the end of March. Next in rank comes the One S sporting a 1.5GHz dual-core chip and a 4.3-inch qHD display. The One V is expected to be a mid-range offering with a 1GHz processor and a 3.7-inch display. Software-wise, Android 4.0 with Sense 4.0 is expected on all of these smartphones.

But wait, there is a lot more! We recently learned that the HTC Velocity 4G will be the first LTE smartphone in Europe, so seeing the device in person at MWC 2012 is not out of the question. The long-rumored HTC Quattro tablet, powered by a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, might also make an appearance.
Additionally, rumor has it that a device by the name of HTC One XL exists and that it is destined for an MWC announcement. Also, the HTC Fireball and HTC Totem, which are rumored to be launched as the HTC Droid Incredible 3 on Verizon and the HTC Tahiti on AT&T respectively, may be unveiled at the expo too. However, that these last three smartphones will be seen at MWC 2012 is something that should be taken with a dose of disbelief.
Last but not least, HTC is expected to announce a streaming audio service at MWC. It was recently reported that Jimmy Iovine is helping HTC create a unique proposition that will be the default music service on its smartphones and tablets.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to

Rumor has it that Nokia is to announce a whole bunch of new phones at MWC 2012, and the European version of the Nokia Lumia 900 is very likely to be one of them. It might end up being known as the Nokia Lumia 910 and it will be identical to its high-end U.S. counterpart hardware-wise, yet whether it will sport an LTE radio is something that we don’t know yet. Another Windows Phone device – the Nokia Lumia 610, is also expected to attend, and as its model number indicates, it will be an affordable smartphone. And who knows, it may even be the first smartphone powered by the lightweight Windows Phone Tango. Some claim that the Nokia Lumia 610 will actually be the cheapest Windows Phone to dateretailing for about $157 contract-free. There is a slight chance of seeing another budget-friendly smartphone at MWC 2012 – the Nokia Lumia 730, but the sources of that rumor do not appear very trustworthy.

On the non-Windows Phone side of things, a trio of feature phones, namely the Nokia Asha 302, Asha 203, and Asha 202, are said to be coming to MWC 2012. Details regarding their specs are unknown at this time.
It is speculated that Nokia is also getting ready to unveil a successor to the popular Nokia N8 camera phone at MWC 2012. What it will be called, however, is not exactly clear. Some say that the device will be known as the Nokia 808 PureView, yet the 803 and 801 model numbers are not out of the question. Nevertheless, rumors agree on one thing – the N8 successor will stay loyal to the Symbian platform, the latest iteration of which is called Nokia Belle.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to
Since images and videos of the LG Miracle leaked more than a few times already, seeing the smartphone at MWC 2012 would be anything but surprising. The smartphone is expected to be a mid-range Windows Phone device with a 4-inch WVGA NOVA display, 1GHz processor, and a 5-megapixel camera. But this surely can’t be all that LG will have to show off during the expo. There is a chance of seeing the LG Optimus 3D 2, which will stand out with its glasses-free 3D display. Rumor has it that the new model will be slimmer than its predecessor and will sport an IPS-LCD display with a higher resolution. An LG Optimus LTE variant similar to theLG Spectrum for Verizon, but tailored for the European market, could also be unveiled, and as its name suggests, it will support LTE connectivity.
But the goodness does not end here. There is a chance of seeing the rumored LG X3 smartphone powered by a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and flaunting an impressive 4.7-inch display with 720p resolution. Last but not least, we have reasons to believe that LG is working on a device similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note. Known as the LG Optimus Vu, it is said to offer a 5-inch display with 1024 by 768 pixels of resolution. However, we doubt that the phablet will be present at MWC 2012.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to

That Sony is expected to introduce at least one new Xperia smartphone at MWC 2012 is something that we are already aware of. Or at least that is what the MWC 2012 invitation from not long ago leads us to believe. One of the devices that might be unveiled officially is the Sony Xperia P, also known by its Nypon code name. Its rumored specs include a 4-inch qHD display with the impressive 1000 nits of brightness and a 1GHz dual-core chipset made by ST-Ericsson. A smartphone that is just as likely to be unveiled is the Sony Xperia U (aka Sony Kumquat) – a mid-range Android device sporting a 3.5-inch display with 480 by 854 pixels of resolution and a 1GHz dual-core processor. Not to be forgotten is a Sony smartphone codenamed Pepper, which is rumored to offer a 3.7-inch 480×854 display and a 1.2GHz dual-core processor.

Here is another interesting thing. We recently found out that Sony has trademarked the Xperia Sola name in both Europe and the U.S. That said, Xperia Sola might turn out to be a name reserved for one of the smartphones that Sony will unveil at MWC 2012.
Oh, and by the way, there is a wild rumor going around that a Sony tablet codenamed Crystal could materialize soon. Presumably, it will be an HSPA+ enabled slate for AT&T. However, we don’t think that the chances of seeing the device at MWC are too high right now.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to

Something that we know for sure is that Samsung will not be announcing the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone at MWC 2012. But what will the Korean company unveil then? The Samsung Galaxy mini 2 leaked not long ago, and chances are that it will be announced officially at the expo. But we know that low-end Android smartphones are not the most exciting thing out there. According to a recent speculation, the Korean manufacturer is to announce a device known as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. It is supposed that it will be a 10.1-inch tablet enhanced with an S-Pen for input, and those who might be interested in the device include students and artists.

Of course, we are crossing our fingers in hope that Samsung has more tricks up its sleeve for MWC 2012. Some say that a 11.6-inch tablet with a 2.0GHz dual-core processorunder the hood and with a high-resolution display might make a debut, but that is just a wild rumor at this time.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to

In all honesty, we don’t really have much reliable information as to what Motorola will present at MWC 2012. However, there is a device that might make an appearance, and if it does, it will surely grab some attention. We are talking about a Motorola Android 4.0 smartphone powered by an Intel processor. Images of the device were revealed just days ago, and if it has been meant to be, we might get to play with it at MWC. All that is said about the yet-unnamed smartphone is that it sports a new version of Motorola’s custom user interface and that its camera can take up to 15 shots per second in burst mode.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to

What Asus will definitely be showing off at MWC 2012 is the Asus PadFone – a very interestingly looking combo between a smartphone and a tablet. The contraption features an Android smartphone that docks inside a screen shell and… voila! You have a tablet. According to the latest rumors, the PadFone will sport a quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

A successor to the Asus Eee Pad Transformer is also believed to exist aspictures of the supposed device surfaced on the web a couple of weeks ago. However, we have no idea whether the Asus Eee Pad Transformer 2 is ready for debut, so chances of it coming to MWC 2012 are somewhat slim.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to

The Acer CloudMobile was discovered just a week ago as Acer itself revealed the smartphone prematurely. It is an Android smartphone sporting a 4.3-inch HD display sporting a respectable waistline of 9 millimeters. The smartphone is also said to be tightly integrated with Acer’s AcerCloud technology, which is said to make the handset even more cloud-centric than other devices. According to  rumors, the phone will become available sometime in Q3 this year

Rihanna and Chris Brown to Collaborate on “Birthday Cake” Remix?

Chris Brown was apparently on hand at Rihanna’s birthday party to see her receive a cake shaped like a topless likeness of herself riding a giant spliff.

Now they’re rumored to be collaborating on a remix of her song “Birthday Cake.”

Seriously. New reports have been flying that Chris Brown, of all people, is the mystery collaborator on a soon-to-drop remix of Rihanna’s quick-hit song.

Rihanna – Birthday Cake (Audio)

Surprising, and probably disappointing for some of her fans, but not as absurd a concept as it once seemed, given that they’ve grown close again.

“They can say whatever, Ima do whatever, No pain is forever,” Rihanna tweeted Friday morning, quoting her hit song “Hard.” “YUP! YOU KNOW THIS.”

Cryptic. Or just catchy. That song was good.

Neither side is commenting about the rumored collaboration, but a full-length version of Rihanna’s minute-long track (above) has long been in the works.

“It’s gonna be crazy,” producing team Da Internz told MTV News last week regarding the tune. “And the feature on there is gonna shock the world.”

Could that mean what we think it means?

Adele Sex Tape ?!

ADELE is suing after fake snaps from what was falsely claimed to be a sex tape of the star appeared in a French magazine.

The distraught singer, 23, completely denies they are pictures of her.

Her lawyers Schillings have launched legal action after the mag put one of the photos on its front cover.

Schillings said: “Our client has not appeared in a sex tape as claimed in the article.

“Our client does not appear in the photographs. Such claims are untrue and grossly defamatory.”

Adele Sex Tape Headline

A celebrity photographer based in Paris also posted the video on his website — which crashed as viewers rushed to watch it. He said: “There’s a huge amount of people who want to see it.”

Adele has just moved into a new £15,000-a-month mansion close to her new boyfriend, 37-year-old charity boss Simon Konecki.

Speaking before the Grammys on Sunday, the Someone Like You singer — whose albums 19 and 21 tell of painful break-ups — said: “I’m madly in love.”

And she told a US magazine Simon has been her rock during a difficult few months in which she had throat surgery following a vocal cord haemorrhage.

She added: “He looks after me. I don’t think I’d have got through the recovery if not for him.”