Apple WWDC 2012 keynote: iOS 6 Official New Features !

  • Tim Cook has taken the stage, talking about how quickly they sold out the event. About 1000 Apple engineers are there as well.
  • Now he mentions the App Store’s great success – “We now have over 400 million accounts on the App Store.”
  • Apps on the App Store are now over 650,000, with 225,000 of them made specifically for iPad.
  • Apparently, a milestone has been reached – users have downloaded over 30 billion apps from the App Store.
  • 32 new countries will now be supported by the App Store, but still no mention on which ones they are…
  • Tim has requested a video to be rolled now. It’s a video of a few stories, explaining how iOS has changed many people’s lives.
  • The video features a number of developers, whose creations have proven to be extremely useful to users.

  • Apple CEO, Tim Cook, is back on stage.
  • He quickly thanks attending developers for the incredible apps they have written for iOS.

  • He just announced that there will be changes in Apple’s notebook line-up, as well as Mac OS and iOS. They are starting with the notebooks.

  • Apple’s marketing guru, Phil Shiller is out to talk about them notebooks.

  • For those interested, Apple just announced the next-gen MacBook Pro – just 0.71″ thin, looks awesome.
  • It also has a Retina Display: 2880×1800, 15.4″; transparent bottom, quad-core i5 or i7, GeForce GT 650M, up to 768GB storage.
  • Apple’s chief of Mac software, Craig Federighi, is out to talk about the new stuff in Mac OS X now.
  • Guess we’ll be waiting for our boy, Scott Forstall.

  • Craig demoing the new features in Mountain Lion.
  • it’s time to be introduced to iOS 6! Finally…

  • Scott Forstall is out now.

  • He compares iOS’ users update adoption rate with that of Android. Obviously it doesn’t look good for Android.
  • He’s going through the different aspects of iOS 5, which have apparently turned out to be incredible successes.

  • “iOS 6 is a fantastic release. It has more than 200 new features, starting with Siri.”
  • Wow, Siri is going to be part of iOS 6! (Don’t get your hopes too high, as we don’t know what the supported devices will be.)
  • It now seems that Siri in iOS 6 will be a huge sports fan. It’ll tell you anything you want to know about scores, player performances, etc.

  • With iOS 6 and Siri, you’ll be able to easily make reservations, thanks to OpenTable.
  • Additionally, due to integration with Rotten Tomatoes, you can now ask Siri about what movies are being played right now, play trailers, etc

  • Plus, you can now also launch apps with Siri.
  • Wow, Apple’s also working with car manufacturers so that they can add a Siri button, letting you easily trigger the voice recognition. Cool.

  • And here are the new languages Siri can speak.

  • Next up comes… Facebook – here we go.
  • Deep Facebook integration will be part of iOS6, just like Twitter. You’ll be able to share from even the darkest corners of the OS.

  • There will be quick-post buttons for Twitter and Facebook inside Notification Center.
  • “We’ve integrated it with the App Store. You can like apps, and see what your friends like. Same with movies, TV, and music.”

  • The Phone app is getting a facelift. It will let you send quick responses to callers that you can’t answer now.

  • A new feature – “Do not disturb” – available from the Settings, makes the phone keep receiving messages and such, but won’t make a sound…

  • … or light up the screen.

  • FaceTime over cellular connectivity has finally been enabled! Yay! No need to jailbreak any longer.

  • Next up: Safari improvements! Those include iCloud tabs (tab sync), offline reading list…
  • … and full-screen support in landscape. Lol, about time.
  • PhotoStream in iOS 6 will let you share your photos with friends of your choosing.

  • Apple is also adding a VIP mail inbox in iOS 6.

  • Now here’s a good one – you can now easily attach a photo or video right from the compose window. Finally!

  • Here’s a new app: Passbook.

  • This app basically organizes all of your passes, like this ..
  • Stuff like boarding passes organized by the app will also update live. For example, your Gate number will automatically update when needed.
  • A new feature, guided access, allows us to select areas of an app that we want to make inaccessible for some users (read: small kids).
  • A new Maps app is coming with iOS 6, as expected. It’s integrated with Yelp, as well as a new traffic service by Apple.

  • It’ll show you known accidents on the road. The info for these is crowd-sourced and anonymous.
  • Built-in turn-by-turn navigation!

  • ‘Quick route’ will be recommending you faster routes based on traffic info.

  • Works from the lockscreen too.

  • Here’s a cool feature: Flyover. It looks like Street View, but in the air… or something like that.

  • Hmm, apparently, everything in Flyover is rendered in 3D! It’s not just images.

  • Apple has been preparing 3D models of the cities.

  • Apparently, the App Store, iBookstore and the other Stores will also get a facelift.
  • Another notable feature – in-app content purchase! 🙂 Hear that, developers?
  • iOS 6 beta is available today, and the finished version will be out in the Fall. Obviously along with the new iPhone…

  • Here’s a list of supported devices. The iPhone 3GS will rock on! Talk about good support.

And that’s it for now – these were the major additions to iOS. Tim Cook is back on stage now to wrap it up.


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