“Grand Cinemas Lebanon” ABC Dbayeh will be opening in two days!

Central Lebanon’s first state-of-the-art cinema complex

Selim Ramia & Co recently announced a launch of the highly anticipated Grand Cinemas multiplex at ABC Mall Dbayeh, the country’s most luxurious shopping destination. Grand Cinemas ABC Dbayeh will open its doors in June 13 2012.

The inauguration will mark the fifth Grand Cinemas location to open in Lebanon in less than five years, following the brand’s unprecedented nationwide success at Grand ABC (Achrafieh), Grand Concorde-Verdun, Grand Las Salinas-Enfeh and Grand Saida Mall.

Home to eight state-of-the-art theatres, Grand Cinemas ABC Mall Dbayeh also boasts a Grand Class hall, in effect the country’s very first VIP theatre. All screens are uniquely equipped with the latest digital technology including 4K projectors capable of a whopping 8 million megapixels, with a total capacity surpassing 1,100 deluxe seats. In line with the Grand Cinemas promise of providing the ultimate cinema experience, moviegoers will enjoy a broad range of booking options, both online and on site, and an unrivalled selection of concessions, served by a passionate team of professionals trained to deliver the Grand standard.

“Our new multiplex at ABC Mall Dbayeh is the jewel in the Grand Cinemas crown,” says CEO Selim Ramia. “Lebanese moviegoers have been overwhelmingly vocal in their appreciation for the entertainment standards we bring them, and we’re happy to continue providing the best the industry has to offer.”

Bolstered by an award-winning online community, and a comprehensive array of services, Grand Cinemas also recently unveiled a re-branding drive that puts the brand at the forefront of innovation, with plans to reveal an exciting selection of events never before seen in the region. To kick off celebrations, Grand Cinemas ABC Dbayeh has been scheduled for the year’s biggest titles, a list topped by Taken 2 the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, The Hobbit and the Hollywood, Arabic and 3D exclusives that patrons have come to expect from the largest chain of theatres in the Middle East.


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