Ferry Corsten Tonight in Lebanon!


Hosted by the one & only: FERRY CORSTEN

Friday July 13 at La Suite Oceana – Damour

With Guest DJs in back-2-back sets as well as extended main sets:

DJ Shogun Giuseppe Ottaviani (Live Set) Opening Set: BiG AL (GU, Baroque, ReadyMix)

“ Full on Ferry is the perfect night out with exclusive back to back sets, amazing music and a breathtaking production.

Come join us during Full on Ferry!”


Ferry Corsten will host the innovative and spectacular event ‘Full on Ferry; Beirut’ on Friday July 13.

The event is very similar to the previous ‘Full on Ferry’ events that Ferry hosted for three years in a row in a sold out Ahoy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

These exhilarating and major successful editions have given the event the global reputation of being one of the most ground breaking and definite must-see events in the dance-scene.

Full on Ferry is an event where the various musical facets of Ferry Corsten can be expressed.

It is also a festive reunion of his fellow DJ’s and producers and in ‘Full on Ferry; Beirut’ Ferry has invited artists that he admires and respects and have influenced his music: Shogun & Giuseppe Ottaviani (Live Set) who will play back-2-back sets with Ferry as well as their own extended dj sets.

Ferry has for the Beirut edition of ‘Full on Ferry’ hand-picked by himself to rock the dance floors 2 special Guests:

DJ Shogun Giuseppe Ottaviani (Live Set)

Opening Set: BiG AL (GU, Baroque, ReadyMix)



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