New iPhone to have nano-SIMs, already in testing with US carriers!

iPhone 5 AT&T to feature nano-SIM

Information on the 2012 iPhone is leaking out now like water through a sieve. We’ve seen in the last day more confirmations that the new iPhone will have LTE, NFC chips, a new (and smaller) connector, and twice the RAM of the current model. Today BGS is reporting that “multiple carrier sources” have confirmed to them the new iPhone will indeed be using micro-SIMs.

Apple and the carriers are apparently at an advanced level of testing, with Apple supplying micro-SIM adapters to the carriers so they can test how nano-SIMs will work on their networks. BGR’s “exclusive sources” have occasionally missed (like when reporting on a 1080p Galaxy S III), but this rumor seems eminently reasonable; for one, it’s been expected for some time that Apple would choose nano-SIMs for the next iPhone, and if that’s true they would certainly want to help the carriers to prepare for the new phones.

Hopefully this cooperation between Apple and the carriers means that a new iPhone released with a nano-SIM card will have smooth sailing – newly released iPhones tend to be chaotic events already, and it would be a special sort of mess if there were mass connectivity problems on opening day. Still, the folks in Cupertino tend to be meticulous about testing, so the odds seem good that many customers won’t even know that their shiny new iDevice has a new type of SIM card in it.


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