Purported official image of Samsung Galaxy S IV shows up!

Samsung Galaxy S IV rumors pop up by the day and the last one comes from the relentless leak millevleaks. What looks to be a Galaxy S IV presentation slide, containing an image of the smartphone popped on the famous Twitter account .

Although evleaks has proven its reliability numerous times in the past we remain dubious on this particular image’s authenticity. The Galaxy S IV photo looks like a quick mockup rather than an actual product image.

Besides Samsung did quite well in hiding the face of the Galaxy S III until its official unveiling last year. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if the image you see here is just a placeholder, and not the real deal.

As for the S IV’s specs on the slide, they coincide with what the AnTuTu benchmark test showed yesterday.

It looks like the headline-grabbing Smart Stay feature of theSamsung Galaxy S III will be taken even further in its successor. According to a New York Times report, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV will have eye scrolling on the list of its software tricks.

The word on the Samsung Galaxy S IV’s software talent is reportedly coming from an anonymous Samsung employee who has had the pleasure of trying the handset out. Samsung’s trademarking the terms EyeScroll and Samsung EyeScroll in the EU and the United States points at such feature as well.

There’s little left until March 14, when the Galaxy S IV will shine on Times Square in New York, so we’ll know all about it soon enough. You can check out the phone’s teaser video released yesterday to make the wait easier to bear.



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