ASOT600: Armin Van Buuren from Forum De Beyrouth! #ASOT600BEI

This is THE event everybody’s waiting for after the TRIUMPHANT success of Armin Only, Beirut 2011!
Creating a WORLD-WIDE hype, throughout the WHOLE YEAR!

Now, the time has come!
Our patience has paid off, we can finally exhale.
We can jump up and down and scream and shout!

ASOT600 is FINALLY happening in Lebanon after months and months of planning!
It used to be a dream, now it’s reality as Armin chose Lebanon as the only country in the region to host the event!

It was THE HARDEST secret to keep! Rumors started swirling since day one as our lips stayed sealed, as we prepared ourselves for ASOT600!

For the first time Ever, on March 9th 2013, the world’s Number 1 DJ, Armin Van Buuren, touches down in Lebanon, bringing with him… A STATE OF TRANCE 600!!

{ Via MIX FM }


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