Samsung releases a second Galaxy S4 teaser video!

Samsung's Galaxy S4 Times Square billboardKOREAN PHONE MAKER Samsung released its second Galaxy S4 teaser video today ahead of the smartphone’s launch in New York on Thursday.

 { Watch Teaser 1 }

Once again the clip is pretty cheesy and gives pretty much nothing away about the Galaxy S4.It continues to follow the story of the annoying child who has been trusted with looking after the handset until launch day.

He does let slip that the handset is available in his favourite colour, but given that we don’t know what the boy’s favourite colour is, this is pretty much useless. He also shrieks that the device “is beautiful”, but he would say that, wouldn’t he?

Still, we don’t need to wait for a pint-sized actor to slip up to know what to expect, as given the month’s worth of online rumours and leaked photos, we pretty much know what Samsung will unveil.

It seems that the screen will be the standout feature of Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Measuring 5in, the display will allegedly feature ‘floating touch’ technology, enabling users to operate the screen without actually touching it. This will be paired with a unique eye-scrolling capability and new display technology, called ‘green PHOLED’, that supposedly will reduce power consumption.

The Samsung Galaxy S4, which like its predecessor is likely to be crafted entirely from plastic, is also rumoured to feature a 13MP rear camera, Google’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean mobile operating system and an updated version of Samsung’s Touchwiz user interface complete with face recognition technology.

Samsung will announce the Galaxy S4 in New York on Thursday, and we’ll be on hand to bring you all the latest


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