#Finally! Facebook to adopt hashtag support!

#Finally! Facebook to adopt hashtag supportYou’ve probably all seen the meme built on the geek rage over the use of hashtags on Facebook. The hashtag has never had a useful function in Facebook as it has in its birthplace of Twitter and summer home of Google+, but the hashtag has always had a destiny on the Internet and it’s getting one step closer to being the web standard it deserves to be. A new report says that Facebook will finally adopt hashtag support.

The think about the hashtag is that it is an immensely helpful tool in the online world. People needed an easy way to gather around events and topics (as inane as they may be), and so the hashtag was born. That’s why we’ve always been annoyed at the rage hashtags on Facebook always drew, because those hashtags weren’t useless. They were telling Mark Zuckerberg that he can’t ignore hashtags, and had to add them to Facebook.
According to the Wall Street Journal, that day is coming. No idea when it will happen, but the report says that Facebook is definitely working on adding hashtag support. Facebook already supports tagging people by using either the Twitter standard @ symbol, or the Google+ standard + symbol. This is pretty cool for a tradition created by early Twitter users.

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