Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga!

The fame monster turns 27 on March 28! Though the busy pop star is suffering from a hip injury, nothing can stop her from celebrating her big day! Happy birthday!

Lady Gaga has found herself with more time on her hands than usual. The icon recently suffered a hip injury, causing her schedule to open up quite a bit. While she is struggling to handle the canceling of her Born This Way Ball tour, she also has some exciting projects underway. Hopefully she can forget about her hip for a day and focus on all of the great things she has going on! Let’s see what Mother Monster has to celebrate.

Lady Gaga Is Working On A New Album

The star may have been focused on her tour, but she was also working hard on a new album! There is no release date set for her next album, ARTPOP, but we can’t wait! She revealed to Rolling Stone that she’s already written around 50 tracks. Knowing Gaga, her new stuff is bound to top the charts.

The “Born This Way” singer is also working on an ARTPOP documentary with famed photographer Terry Richardson.

Lady Gaga Asked To Join The X Factor

Lady Gaga could replace Britney Spears on the third season of The X FactorSimon Cowellhas reportedly asked her to join the celeb-filled panel. A source close to The X Factor creator told HollywoodLife “She has time on her hands, which was once not available. Simon is reaching out to her in full force and looking to do anything he can for her to be a judge.”

Lady Gaga Needs Surgery

Her Born This Way Ball tour was cut short due to a severe hip injury. Poor Gaga! The singer needs to take time off in order to undergo surgery and a safe recovery. Hopefully she will see this time as a well-deserved break from all her hard work this year! Even pop stars have to slow down sometimes, right? We know her little monsters are behind her 100% and wish her a speedy recovery!


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