Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ video banned in South Korea!

Psy’s latest video is not receiving a warm reception in his native South Korea!

The clip for “Gentleman,” the K-pop sensation’s “Gangnam Style” follow-up, has been banned by a South Korean broadcaster because it depicts the abuse of public property, the Associated Press reports. In the video, Psy is seen kicking a “no parking” sign.

The consequences have offended channel chiefs at Kbs, who insist they amount to the destruction of public property, and they are refusing to air the clip for fear of negatively influencing youngsters to do the same.

‘Gentleman’ has since racked up over 144 million views in its first five days online, but it still has a long way to go before matching the success of ‘Gangnam Style’, which became the first pop clip to ever reach one billion views.


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