‘Draw Something 2′ now available on iOS App Store

The sequel to the highly popular game Draw Something is now available for download. The game is currently available only on the App Store and for the iPhone and iPod touch. You can either go for the free version with ads or the premium version for $2.99.

For those who are not aware, Draw Something is a game where you are given a word and you have to draw it on the screen using the various tools available to you. Your opponent then has to guess the drawing and name the word using the letters available to them.

The game had reached significant popularity a while back and it was hard not to come across someone scribbling or drawing something on the screen for a while. The popularity has waned in the recent past but should go right back up with the release of the new version.

Draw Something 2 brings new features such as new tools, patterns, stamps and colors, a new Instagram-like Gallery mode for others to showcase your drawings to others (which would previously get lost once the game ended) and over 5,000 new words have been added.
The game is only available on iOS for now.


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