Confirmed: Apple Is Releasing A Gold iPhone!

Gold iPhone 5S

Folks still holding out hope that the gold iPhone rumors aren’t true may want to brace themselves, the speculation has just been confirmed by the Wall Street Journal-owned blog AllThingsD. And given the site’s near perfect (perfect?) track record with predicting future Apple plans, and corroborating evidence, we’d say Apple is indeed going for the gold…

AllThingsD’s well-connected John Paczkowski reports:

“Sources in position to know tell AllThingsD that Apple, after years of offering the iPhone in either black and white, will soon offer it in a gold tone as well.

The new color option was described to AllThingsD as an “elegant” gold tone. “Think champagne, not ingot,” a source said, confirming what not seems to be somespot-on speculation from iMore last week. Sources say that the gold iPhone will feature a white face, with a gold-tone back plate and chamfered edging.”

Paczkowski’s report follows a number of others from credible publications. First there was Macotakara, then there was the revered analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, and the gold iPhone theory has since been confirmed by TechCrunch’s MG Siegler and 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman. Add this the series of leaked gold components we’ve seen, and the color seems inevitable.

Gold iPhone

But why? Why not? As Rene Richie of iMore explained last week, gold is one of the easiest colors to anodize on the iPhone. And it’s also one of the most popular aftermarket options for color-treatments. So why not add the color to its lineup? It’s not going to prevent the company from selling handsets, but I’m willing to bet it will help it sell a few more.

A poll asked some readers if they would purchase a golden iPhone. So far the results are, 36% say they would, 45% say they wouldn’t and the remaining 19% said they weren’t sure yet. Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5S, with the new color option, alongside a lower-cost handset at a media event on September 10.


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