More photos of gold iPhone 5S leak, box of 128GB version spotted!

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The rumors that Apple will break its black and white only color scheme for the iPhone 5S are heating up with more and more photos hitting the web. The 128GB option that analysts think will happen with the upcoming iPhone generation became more tangible too, thanks to an alleged photo of the iPhone 5S box.

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The Gold (or Champagne) colored iPhone 5S chassis posed next to the Black and White versions. The plastic panels on the top and bottom of the back are missing, but they will probably have a slightly different color like on the other versions. The front is also not shown in the photos.

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The back of the Apple iPhone 5S box shows a 128GB label and lists some connectivity options – quad-band 3G with DC-HSPA, CDMA and LTE (bands 1/3/5/13/25). The iPhone 4 came with 32GB storage max, the 4S doubled that to 64GB and the iPhone 5 kept it at 64GB, so maybe it really is time for another step up.

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The official announcement should come on September 10. Stay Tuned on ECB!


One thought on “More photos of gold iPhone 5S leak, box of 128GB version spotted!

  1. Supposedly a 4th colour option now after some leaks of a grey looking sim card tray. Too dark for the white one that’s for sure. Be interesting to see if they have a quarter of colours when it finally comes out.

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