LeBacc App: The perfect companion for students attending the Lebanese official exams.

This App no longer exists. The developers decided to remove it from the App Store.


With LeBacc, the Lebanese national exams are going digital in order to take advantage of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod to excel your exams. Revision for the Lebanese Official Exams became more accessible, mobile, motivational, and supportive. LeBacc is taking a leap forward and passing over the ordinary stressful revision sessions that 12th and 9th graders usually face.

iPad Screenshot 1

There is no need to carry around you’re guides that even holds material you don’t want. Now, You’re one tap away to access the material you actually want with high quality documents, anytime, anywhere. LeBacc bets that your iDevice will be the new black in learning and preparing for your exams. Hold on, that is only a fraction of what LeBacc offers.

iPhone Screenshot 2

One of the main student’s concern during revision is to find a solution for a mathematical problem or an explanation for a Biology diagram. In such situations, most of the time students can’t reach out to their teachers or communicate with them for help and they get stressed out when their friends don’t have the solution. Therefore, LeBacc is opening the doors for your questions and concerns by building it’s own community of educators who can help each other. Now you will be backed up with a community of educators with the same academic level who can help you in your assignments or explain to you a mathematical formula you spent hours trying to solve. You can simply ask a question and wait for others to respond within a simple interface.

To spice things up, LeBacc is adding rewarding points for the ones who contribute in helping others. Members of LeBacc can be rewarded with extra points that could lead them to the top of the national leaderboard. Who thought helping in Integration would be that fun and motivational? You will subconsiously be learning and helping others while trying to earn those points.

iPad Screenshot 3
And you think LeBacc features only that? How about doing a group chat with your classmates from the comfort of your home and discuss some revision material? Do you know that information will be more absorbed easily when you are socializing? LeBacc is offering a chatting service where you can chat with your colleagues or teachers. Whether you are a group of two people or three, the room handles a dozen(s). Group your classmate in one chatting room and let’s hit the record high grades.

Do you get that much of support in a guide book ? The good news is it costs 1% of what the usual books cost.

iPhone Screenshot 4

LeBacc features the following:
Accessing previous exams and their answer key is one tap away
Downloaded exams and answer keys can be viewed anytime, anywhere whether online or offline
Got a question? post it in the Question/Answer section of the app. You will get the solutions you want
Scoring system that is motivational and pushes you to learn while helping others and competing for the first place on the leaderboard
Private online chatting service that will make you get more bounded with others
Simple and organized interface
All material is more accessible, and gone mobile!

Note: , There is no plans for an Android release anytime soon. For now, you can use the app on any Apple device (iPod, iPhone, iPad).

Download here: http://georiot.co/LEf

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