Google Remembers Lebanese Comedian “Chouchou” With Google Doodle


The search engine Google on Wednesday celebrated the 75th anniversary of Alaeddin Hassan, better known by his stage name “Darling”, with a “Doodle” (logo changed, ed) a representative drawing of the Lebanese actor with his famous mustache and a small fez.

Born February 26, 1939 and died in November 1975 of a heart attack, Hassan Alaeddin comes from the people, which he wore on stage social demands. The people, he also had the natural, the banter and deep humor. Social phenomenon, it was a “beast theater,” making people laugh without pay in the vulgar.

“There is only the eternal childhood that heals the world, said Darling, who died at only 36 years. Whatever age you have, hang on to your childhood, keeps your body in a state of play and let your heart marvel and laugh … “.

Hassan was discovered by Alaeddin Mohammed Chamel, prolific author of comedies good and extremely popular child actor. It was he who created the character of Chouchou.

In 1965 Hassan Alaeddin was thrown into the water, based on the first national daily theater cinema Scheherazade Street Bechara el-Khoury. Writers and actors to join him, including Mikati Nizar Ibrahim Meraachli Marcelle Marina, Hind Taha and later, Amalia Abi Saleh .


Periodically, Google makes temporary adjustments to its logo and are created to celebrate special events, such as national festivals, famous personalities or other events such as the Olympics birthdays. For the opening of the Olympics in Sochi, Google posted on its home page, a logo in the colors of rainbow flag rainbow gay community and an extract of the Olympic Charter. An initiative that had emerged as a response to the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak who came to warn athletes and spectators against the promotion of homosexuality in the Olympics, in accordance with the Olympic Charter and the Russian law which prohibit a he said, propaganda during a sporting event.

Following the event, Google Doodles are visible simultaneously in a large number of countries, while others are created for a particular country.

(Translated Via Google Translate From L’orient Le Jour)


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