LG introduces it’s first Smart Light Bulb!

LG Smart Lamp

South Korean-based LG Electronics is really competing head to head with Philips in the light fixture business, as it introduced its first smart bulb to the market called the LG Smart Lamp, which is meant to rival the Dutch company’s Hue bulbs.

According to a report by App Advice, each bulb will cost $32, which is around 50 percent of the price of Philips’ Hue bulbs.

What sets LG Smart Lamp apart from a typical home light fixture is that it can be controlled using a device that runs Android 4.3 or higher and iOS 6.0 or higher via bluetooth or wi-fi. Users should download the companion app on their  device so they can make some adjustment on various aspects of the bulb. With the help of the app, users can dim, turn on or turn off the bulb.

A report published by The Droid Guy said that the smartphone-controlled bulb also features several modes preset like Security Mode and Play Mode. Security Mode lets users to switch on and off the bulb at a specified time even without their presence. Meanwhile, in Play Mode,  the bulb will automatically make some adjustment on its brightness based on the beat of the music being played. For instance, if the music is upbeat, then the bulb will flash at a fast rate establishing a party-like ambiance. As of the moment, the Play Mode preset is only available for Android devices.

In addition, the Smart Lamp also has the ability to notify its users whenever the connected device is receiving a call. Once the connected smartphone is receiving a call, the bulb will blink to inform its user that there is an incoming call. This feature benefits users most especially when their phones  are far from their sight, for example, whenever their devices are inside their bags.

As compared with standard incandescent bulbs,  LG Smart Lamp is 80 percent more energy efficient. Because the innovative light fixture uses LED technology, it is capable of providing more Lumens at low power requirements. With five hours of everyday use, the breakthrough lamp is expected to last for a decade.

As of the moment, LG Smart Lamp is only available in South Korea. The electronics manufacturer has not made any announcement yet on when will these bulbs be released in the international market.


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