Brazil World Cup 2014: São Paulo is facing ‘imminent water rationing’!

Jaguari river, Sao Paulo, where capacity has fallen below 11 per cent, causing a water shortage affecting the city of Sao Paulo

São Paulo is facing “imminent water rationing” after the worst drought on record, less than six weeks before the city hosts the Brazil World Cup opening ceremony and game.

Rivers serving the biggest city in South America have been running dry for months after the lowest rainfall since 1930, leaving reservoirs parched. The water level dropped below 11 per cent this week.

Experts have warned that if the situation does not improve, it will affect visitors due to start arriving in the city within a month for the start of the World Cup on June 12.

There are also signs that the authorities are taking more drastic measures. “I go the whole dawn without water,” said Mariana Lanna Pinheiro, 34, from the west of São Paulo. “I have called Sabesp 12 times and they say they do not have a rationing rota.”

Authorities have denied they are rationing water, but residents have already complained that supplies are being cut at certain times of day.


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