Neymar JR’s first Video Message after Injury: We’ll be World Cup Champions It’s Not Over Yet!

Brazil star Neymar speaks to the nation promising they “we’ll be World cup champions” despite him being unable to continue in the competition due to breaking a vertebra during the Colombia-Brazil quarter final.

In a video message Brazil’s star player told the nation not to stop dreaming because they could still win the World Cup, despite him being unable to play due to a broken vertebra.

Neymar was ruled out of the World Cup with a broken bone in his back sustained in the 2-1 quarter-final win over Colombia on Friday.

In an emotional message to the public Neymar said that his dream “was not over yet”.

“Rest assured that my teams mates will do everything for me to fulfil my dream to be champion.

“My dream was also to play in a world cup final this time it will not be possible, but rest assured that they will win this one and Brazil will be champions.”

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Brazil asks FIFA to overturn Thiago Silva’s ban

The Brazilian football confederation is trying to overturn captain Thiago Silva’s ban for Tuesday’s World Cup semifinal against Germany.

FIFA spokesman Delia Fischer on Sunday said the disciplinary committee is ”analyzing material” submitted by Brazil.

Thiago Silva impeded Colombia goalkeeper David Ospina’s attempt to kick the ball downfield during Brazil’s 2-1 quarterfinal win over Colombia, picking up his second yellow card of the tournament and incurring an automatic suspension for the next match.

Yellow cards traditionally cannot be overturned.

The FIFA disciplinary code states that cautions can be canceled only in ”exceptional circumstances.”

At the 1962 World Cup, Brazil star Garrincha was sent off in the semifinals victory against host Chile, then was cleared to play in the final. Brazil beat Czechoslovakia 3-1.

Now, no player can be suspended for the final just for receiving a yellow card in the semifinals.

FIFA wipes all single yellow cards from players’ disciplinary records after the quarterfinals round

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