A man was disfigured by the explosion of the iPhone!


Cases involving smartphones have suddenly caught fire or even exploded some are regularly in the trade press. A troubling new case involving this time an iPhone ignites Asian social networks for a few hours …

I would first like to clarify that this tragic story is still far from being authenticated but admitting that people who reported these facts are true, the employee of a Chinese company has been literally defaced by the explosion of iPhone


The stories circulating at the moment unfortunately does not specify which model would be involved, but reported that the smartphone was in charge at the relevant time . Connected by cable to the USB port of the computer of the unfortunate, the iPhone would have suddenly exploded in his face as he was quietly playing a game installed on the device … The amount of blood visible on the snapshot below demonstrates the force of the explosion and the severity of injuries …

Faulty battery or charging cable purchased from a potentially unapproved accessories supplier , remains to be seen what has been causing this accident, just days after BendGate , is not going anyway not arrange the Apple business …

Translated from: Nowherelse


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