Google launched the ultimate keyboard for iOS!

While there are a number of other third-party keyboards available for iOS devices, you might not have been expecting Google to be the next company to deliver a GIF-capable one for your device. You’d have been wrong, however.

Launched today, Gboard for iPhone aims to bring together anything you might want without having to navigate away from whichever app you’re typing in. So that could be a GIF, emoji support or the ability to search things like nearby stores and restaurants, news, weather forecasts and everything else you can search via Google. So, everything then.

As well as putting a world of information, stupid pictures and emojis at your fingertips, the keyboard also supports the Swype-like ‘Glide’ typing found on other alternatives.

And yes, like most of Google’s apps, it is free to use.

The one potential downside is that it appears to only be available to users in the US for now.



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