UPDATED – Nokia to make Android Phones in 2016!

Nokia has just published a statement on its official company website claiming that it has “no intention to manufacture or sell consumer handsets”. Furthermore, the company also deemed as false recent reports that quoted a Nokia executive as confirming the company’s ambitions to manufacture smartphones out of an R&D facility in China.

Earlier this week, a couple of reports suggested that Nokia is staging a comeback to the smartphone market. The initial report, published on Monday by ReCode, quoted sources familiar to Nokia’s plans according to which the company is planning a return to the smartphone market in 2016. A few days later, a Chinese newspaper quoted Mike Wang, the President of Nokia China, communicating an intention to to manufacture smartphones in the Chinese city of Sichuan.

Nokia’s recent statement doesn’t specifically make any mention to plans of designing smartphones in the near future. The statement only mentions that the company has no plans to sell or manufacture consumer handsets, and this specificity leaves room for interpretation. ReCode originally reported that Nokia will licence smartphone designs to third party manufacturers, which is exactly what the company did with the Nokia N1 tablet, a device designed by Nokia, but manufactured and commercialized by Foxconn.
Nokia is bound by its deal with Microsoft not to release any Nokia-branded smartphones until the third quarter of 2016. We’re keeping an eye on the situation and we’ll get back to you as soon as there’s more to report.

Recently we heard rumors about alleged Nokia plans for re-entering the phone market in 2016. We are happy to report those plans are indeed true and Nokia will be marking its return next year with an Android smartphone.

Nokia sold its device business to Microsoft a year ago and it signed a non-compete clause preventing the company from producing smartphones under the Nokia brand until December 31, 2015 and feature phones under the Nokia brand for a decade.


Nokia used wisely these non-compete clauses and outed the powerful Nokia N1 tablet early this year. The N1 is designed by Nokia, including its Z Launcher for Android, but the rights for the branding, manufacturing, marketing and distributions were licensed to Foxconn.

The President of Nokia China confirmed Nokia is working on Android powered smartphones, which will be probably manufactured in factories in Sichuan, China (after further assessment) and will be launched in 2016. He also sheds some light on company’s future – the Nokia’s R&D center will permanently relocate to Sichuan, China.

Looking forward to Nokia’s next phone chapter? We certainly are.


Android Store selling iPhones?! Climbing Everest with an iPhone and iPad..Angry Birds Space now available On the App Store !

Fake Android Store in China discovered, selling iPhones

This is what the fake Android store in China looks like - Fake Android Store in China discovered, selling iPhones

Ahh, China! Land of dragons, emperors, and counterfeit merchandise. What the folks over there have been “inspired by” this time is the Android cute little robot, which has been used to promote a store selling phones, located in the city of Zuhai, Guandong province. And the outlet itself is made to look like what one would call an “Android Store” – with the Android logo all over the place and the whole store beautified by that unmistakable shade of green.

Of course, this so-called Android store is not affiliated with Google in any way. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be selling the iPhone too, right? The text underneath the logo is another clue revealing that this is just your ordinary cell phone store. It literally reads “Celebrities Smartphone Experience Store”, or “The Famous Smart Phone Experiencing Store”, or something like that, our Chinese is not that good. Either way, this not-so-catchy slogan doesn’t sound like something Google would approve of. Smells like a lawsuit coming down the road.

Climbing Everest with an iPhone and iPad

Climbing Everest with an iPhone and iPad

If you are climbing the world’s tallest mountain you need to have the most reliable gear out there. So what do the world’s top mountaineers pack on their way to Everest?
Ski-mountaineer Hilaree O’Neill participating in the 2012 Everest expedition is following the route charted by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay back in 1953, but while there were no computers then, O’Neill has now packed both an iPad and an iPhone in her backpack.
Comparing the 1953 expedition with this year’s trip to Everest, you’d see that a lined paper notebooks and a pen were what Hillary used to take notes, while now it’s an iPad. The reason Apple’s tablet survives the heights is the fact that it uses a solid-state drive while traditional spinning hard disk drives often fail at such altitudes.
When it comes to communication, bulky wireless “walkie-talkies” were what was originally used in the 1953 expedition. And bulky here means nearly 5 pounds. An additional pain was carrying the dry-cell batteries in a safe and warm place under the vests. Now, there’s signal throughout the whole region and the O’Neill is using an iPhone for communication.

Angry Birds Space now available to download from the App Store

We told you recently that those Angry Birds were going to make their way into space, and today Rovio released the new game for iOS gamers.

Angry Birds Space is pretty much what you would expect: Angry birds trying to finish those pesky pigs off, but with a distinctly starry flavour.

Available for both the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad, Angry Birds Space takes to the skies, with planets and their own gravitational pull adding something very different to the tried and tested Angry Birds formula that has already made Rovio’s games extremely popular across a range of devices. From what we’ve seen, this space-flavored version will be just as popular…

Gamers will be treated to 60 levels, with the usual additions set to come by the way of updates moving forward. New birds and their new superpowers are also on the agenda, giving gamers something even more unique than the plethora of Angry Birds games they have already been playing.

Angry Birds Space will set gamers back $0.99 on the iPhone and iPod touch, while Angry Birds Space HD is available for $2.99. Both versions are in the App Store right now!