iOS 7.1 Beta 3 is Out to Developers and already Jailbroken : Here’s What’s New!

Apple has released the third beta of iOS 7.1 to registered developers this morning. The update, which carries the build number 11d5127c, can be downloaded via Apple’s developer center.

Today’s release comes just under a month after the second beta, which brought about only a handful of changes like bringing the Touch ID and Passcode menu to the front of the Settings app…

What’s new in iOS 7.1 beta 3

As we continue to dig through the new information in iOS 7.1 beta 3, we’ll be listing any major changes we find below:

Tweaked keyboard with new Shift/Backspace key highlights:


New power off UI: ios-7-1-beta3-576x1024

New Phone dialer UI: Dialer-beta-3

New Phone UI: Phone-UI1 Phone-UI-beta-3


Less vibrant icons for Phone, Messages and FaceTime: Screen-Shot-2014-01-07-at-11.08.44-AM

New Repeat and Shuffle buttons in Music app: IMG_0002

New “Reduce White Point” option in Accessibility settings: (makes the screen less bright): Combined-iPhone-Screen-Shot

Tweaked search bar wording in Safari: Screen-Shot-2014-01-07-at-11.31.41-AM

New layout for filters in Camera app:


Bold font feature in Accessibility settings now extends to more UI elements (ie. Safari buttons):Screen-Shot-2014-01-07-at-12.16.35-PM

iOS 7.1 beta 3 doesn’t patch evasi0n7 jailbreak


A modified version of the Evasi0n7 jailbreak tool began making its rounds around the internet this afternoon. This unofficial version of Evasi0n7 was created in order to jailbreak the just released iOS 7.1 beta 3.

iOS 7 to be available to all on September 10th according to new leak


The prevailing rumor has been that Apple will be announcing the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on September 10th, and releasing the new handsets on September 20th. There had been no word on when the iOS 7 update would be pushed out to everyone else, but a new leak says that iOS 7 might launch at the announcement event and not wait for the new devices.

The news comes from a developer named Owen Williams who received an email from Nuance, the team behind Siri. In the email, Nuance says “As you are probably aware, iOS 7 GA will be released on September 10th.” That means that iOS 7 GA (general availability) could be released the same day as the iPhone announcement.

iOS 7 to be available to all on September 10th according to new leak

But, there are some skeptics out there who think that Nuance may be referring to the rumor that iOS 7 Gold Master would be released September 10th. Nuance does have a close relationship to Apple, but the company is not Apple, and may not have the insider knowledge to back up this current claim. There have also been rumors that iOS 7 GM would be seeded on September 5th, which could mean that iOS 7 GA would be ready for the 10th. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Introducing iOS7: The mobile OS from a Whole New Perspective!


All-new design.

iOS 7 started with a desire to take an experience people love and make it better. To make it even simpler, more useful, and more enjoyable — but still feel instantly familiar. The design of iOS 7 is beautiful because it’s all of those things. And it’s the start of a new chapter for iOS.

All-new features.

Control Center, AirDrop for iOS, and smarter multitasking are just a few of the great new features in iOS 7. And all your favorite apps have been enhanced to make everything even easier to get to and use. So with iOS 7, not only is your device more capable, you are, too.

Control Center

Notification Center


iTunes Radio










  1. Panorama format is available on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPod touch (5th generation). Square and video formats and swipe to capture are available on iPhone 4 or later, iPad (3rd generation or later), iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation).
  2. Filters in Camera are available on iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation). Filters in Photos are available on iPhone 4 or later, iPad (3rd generation or later), iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation).
  3. AirDrop is available on iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation) and requires an iCloud account.

iOS 7 will be compatible with:

iPhone 4, 4S and 5.

iPod 5th Generation.


iPad 2, iPad Retina and iPad Mini.

iOS 7 icons and other details leak ahead of Apple’s WWDC keynote!


Spoiler alert! For folks who don’t want to ruin the surprises Apple has in store for us tomorrow, I recommend you stop reading now. The folks over at 9to5Mac say they’ve just been given a sneak peek at an early beta of iOS 7, and have described it in detail.

Contrary to a report from earlier today, it sounds like most of what we’ve heard about the next version of iOS is spot on. The entire UI has been completely redesigned with flat icons and other elements, and a new, Helvetica Nueue Ultra Light-like font…

No, those aren’t the actual icons you see above. But they are photoshop creations, by Michael Steeber, that are based on descriptions which closely match what the site believes we’ll end up seeing tomorrow. They’re quite a bit different from previous leaks.

According to 9to5, the iTunes icon is purple-ish with white iSync-like arrows instead of a music note. The Camera icon is done in a gray gradient and the icon is the same shape as the Lock screen grabber. Also, the Maps icon location is in a different place.

Here’s more from the site:

“Perhaps most interesting: There are two color schemes for many of these apps – one black-ish and one white-ish. We’re not sure if they are A/B decoys, if white iPhones and Black iPhones will have their own color schemes or as someone else suggested, the different color schemes might be invoked by the amount of ambient light or the time of day. But it is super-interesting, especially since we’ve heard whispers that the whole UI might shift slightly based on external factors similar to the way the music volume icon switches based on how you hold the iPhone.”

The report goes on to say that when a user is in ‘Black mode,’ the keyboard is black with gray letters. And when it’s in ‘white mode,’ it has gray keys with white letters, similar to the stock Android keyboard. It’s going to be quite the departure from the current version.

And they just posted a full screenshot mockup:


There’s a couple of things of note here. For one, notice how the signal bars in the top lefthand corner have been replaced by tiny white dots. And checkout the dock. The standard transparent, shelf-like graphic has been replaced by a simple straight white line.

Of course, there’s always the chance that the iOS 7 Apple shows off tomorrow could look nothing like this. But given 9to5Mac’s excellent track record in Apple intel, and the slew of matching reports we’ve seen over the months, we wouldn’t bet our money on it.

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  • “This is it. This is what matters. The experience of a product. How will it make someone feel? Does it deserve to exist?”
  • “We’ve created an ad to express this, and I’d like to share it with you now.”
  • “The words we showed you at the beginning reflect our values. You’ll see these reflected in our products in the future.”
  • “We are incredibly proud of all these products. I’d like to thank everyone at Apple that works so hard to create them.”
  • “What a morning. OS X Mavericks. New, incredible MacBook Airs. The next generation Mac Pro. iWork for iCloud…”
  • iOS 7 available to developers today, for everyone else in the Fall
  • “This is a major release for our developers as well. Over 1500 APIs.”
  • “If a thief tries to turn off Find my iPhone or wipe the device, they will not be able to reactivate it.”
  • Activation Lock
  • “There’s one feature I want to talk about in more detail.”
  • FaceTime audio! , Notification Sync
  • “There’s more to iOS 7 than we had time to talk to you about today.”
  • This will be the first streaming service that has Led Zeppelin. So that’s exciting.
  • So, you can listen to radio stations, and then buy if you like the song.
  • A little demo hiccup… “Once you have a station you love, you can share it with a friend or start a new one based on the song.”
  • “Today we’re introducing an amazing new way to discover music: iTunes Radio.”
  • “You see all of your purchased music right in your library.”
  • Next up, music. “This is the best music player we’ve ever done.”
  • You no longer have to manually manage app updates.
  • Auto-updating apps in the background.
  • “What if you could get iOS on the screen that’s in your car?”
  • “We want to take car integration to a whole other level.”
  • You can adjust settings with siri like brightness.. and u can now search Twitter with Siri, and Wikipedia
  • And new international voices. Very HAL-like.
  • Siri has a new voice. And a male voice. And they sound really, really real.
  • “New Gorgeous interface!”
  • “Let’s talk about Siri.”
  • “Integration with internet services is a huge part of iOS, and never more so than with iOS 7.”
  • Apple now supports video via iCloud photo sharing.
  • AirDrop, iCloud, Twitter, Facebook… looks like there’s another icon.
  • You can share into other people’s photo streams, and other people can share into yours it looks like
  • “We also have great new ways to share your photos.”
  • You can tap and scrub over the photos in the year view to see larger photos.
  • You can zoom out to entire years. Very interesting. “You can make out patterns of photos.”
  • New photos app automagically organizes your pictures, based on where and when — called “moments”
  • New camera app has automatic “square” camera for Instagram shots. Ha!
  • iPhone 4S will not get Airdrop, nor will the iPhone 4.
  • “You just tap to share. You don’t need to wander around, bumping your phone.”
  • Airdrop for iOS
  • No reloading of apps — looks really slick.
  • Multitasking is now almost exactly like webOS.
  • Switching over to Control Center, the slide-up quick toggles menu
  • The tab overview features a very smooth animation, each page has its own preview, and you’re no longer limited to just eight.
  • Tabs work as a kind of Rolodex roundabout, flying backward and forward in 3D
  • One-tap access to all your Safari favorites.
  • Your most-used apps will get priority on background cycles.
  • New multitasking for all apps — “with great battery life.”
  • Swipe up from bottom of display and reach control toggles for your oft-used settings
  • New gesture from the left edge of the device, it moves you back in an app — it’s a gesture back button!
  • Semi-parallax scrolling in Messages app
  • “You can see behind the icons, it’s really incredible.”
  • “We ran out of felt and wood.”
  • “When you move the device in your hand, it actually tracks your motion.”
  • New Game Center logo and design
  • “It’s unbelievable, it’s just gorgeous. From the typography to the homescreen.”
  • Weather app not only has not active date, but no longer says 73 degrees
  • “You are going to love iOS 7.”
  • “I think there is a profound and enduring beauty in simplicity.”
  • “Ultimately, design defines so much of our experience.”
  • Video : Jony Ive: “We’ve always thought of design of being so much more than the way something works.”
  • “iOS 7 is the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of iPhone. It’s packed with tons of new features, and a stunning new user interface.”
  • “The team at Apple has been working incredibly hard on the latest version of iOS. And today it’s a great thrill that I announce iOS 7.”
  • “This is why we get so excited about working on a new version.”
  • “If you look at the customers using the latest version, it’s not even close.”
  • “Over 90% of iOS users are using the latest version of iOS. That stands in stark contrast to Android.”
  • “iOS blows out everyone else in satisfied users.” Interesting, Windows Phone satisfaction higher than Android on this chart
  • JD Power loves iOS devices. 9 consecutive awards.
  • Mobile shopping traffic is higher on iOS devices. That’s a weird metric.
  • “Just like iOS customers buy more of your incredible apps, they also buy a lot other stuff.”
  • “iPhone users use their phones 50% more than Android users.”
  • “I’m happy to tell you people are using our products substantially more than other products.”
  • “iOS powers the world’s best mobile devices.”
  • Tim is back. “Next we’d like to turn our attention to iOS.” Huge cheers.
  • “We support Safari, IE, and Chrome.”
  • “I’m sure everyone wants to know how this works on Windows.” Chrome and IE being shown off.
  • Image rotation, very speedy. “This is all happening in a browser!” Finally they get some applause for the rotation. Keynote 3D animation, in a browser.
  • Very slick interface for the web, however. Looks more intuitive than Google’s offerings.
  • “Let me tell you a little bit about iWork.”
  • Ooh, iWork discussion…
  • New iCloud icon?
  • Tim is extolling the benefits of Game Center (on iCloud).
  • We now have 300m users of iTunes in the cloud.
  • “You gotta love the Mac Pro. Next I’d like to talk about iCloud.”
  • Tim is back now.
  • Finally, a computer for real Americans, made by real Americans.
  • “This is the future of the Pro desktop. It is coming later this year. It is designed in California, and assembled here in the US.”
  • “It is a stunning product.”
  • 4 USB 3 ports, 6 Thunderbolt ports.
  • It’s 1/8th the volume of the old Mac Pro. WHAT!?
  • OH MY. It’s tiny!
  • “It is a Mac unlike any we’ve ever made.”
  • Supports 4K displays.
  • This delivers over 7 terraflops of performance. C’mon Phil, you just made that up.
  • Dual AMD CPUs. AMD!
  • Thunderbolt 2.
  • The new Mac Pro looks exactly like the Braun KF 20 coffee maker.
  • We’re seeing spherical shapes in a video now.
  • Extremely low sub bass.
  • “The engineers have come up with something truly radical.”
  • “We didn’t just want to make the same version of the desktop idea that everyone has.”
  • Also, MacBook Airs start shipping today.
  • Oh snap. New Mac Pros.
  • 11-inch starts at $999. 13-inch at $1,099.
  • Think about all the data you’ll lose when those mechanical drives fail.
  • New Time Capsules — 2TB or 3TB hard drives.
  • New Airport base stations, entirely new designs. 4-inches by 6-inches.
  • Up to 10 hours of movie playback.
  • If that’s true, it’s fantastic.
  • 11 inch will get 9 hours, 13 inch will get 12 hours.
  • “But the biggest benefit is battery life.”
  • 40% faster graphics.
  • “The MBA is based on Haswell ULT. It’s a great processor for battery.”
  • “We’re really pleased to tell you that we’ve updated an entirely new line of MacBook Airs.”
  • “Good morning everyone. I’d like to talk to you about the MacBook Air.”
  • Phil Schiller is out.
  • Developer preview of Mavericks available today. Final release this Fall.
  • You can select chapters. Gripping stuff.
  • Now working his way through books. They’re books. On your Mac.
  • Also, didn’t Jobs love these faux textures? Making fun of the old look feels a little harsh, though certainly warranted.
  • The scarcity of POIs shown on Apple Maps is striking if you’re a Google Maps user. Paris looks like a ghost town.
  • Beautiful maps on your Mac. I would just double check the directions on Google Maps
  • Demo time, again.
  • Your full library from your iOS devices, available on your Mac.
  • “Finally, we’re bringing iBooks to the Mac.”
  • “We’re providing an SDK to add mapping functions to your apps.”
  • Push directions from Maps on your Mac to your iPhone.
  • “No virtual cows were harmed in the making of this.”
  • New calendar. Leather is gone.
  • Push notifications from apps will push iOS alerts to your Mac. Notifications on the lockscreen. It will also do app updates in the background.
  • Reply right to notifications. Email, FaceTime, Messages.
  • “Next, some improvements to notifications.”
  • Will also remember credit cards. “But you have to remember your own security code.”
  • Looks like Google Chrome sync is coming to Macs and iOS devices — Apple style. iCloud keychain will hold all of your passwords in the cloud, across devices. Safari will also auto-suggest passwords.
  • “We have some more improvements that I think is really going to help you with your browsing. One of them is iCloud keychain.”
  • “And that’s Safari in Mavericks.”
  • Deep Twitter integration into Safari. Almost like a limited Twitter client (as Walt just suggested).
  • It intelligently focuses power on what app / window you’re focused on while working. Very cool.
  • demo time
  • Mail tweaks. “Super glassy smooth scrolling.”
  • “It uses way less energy than Chrome, and when you compare to Firefox, it’s just sad.”
  • Craig going through Safari’s performance wins over competing browsers.
  • New Safari has a sidebar bookmarks bar. Reading lists on the sidebar, also Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • “The engine in Safari is used by over 1.5 billion devices.”
  • “Next let’s talk about Safari.”
  • “In Mavericks, we intelligently align the work of your computer’s power transitions, which reduces CPU activity up to 72%. It’s pretty awesome.”
  • “Now I’d like to talk about some advanced tech in Mavericks.”
  • Using an Apple TV connected display / TV as a second monitor looks handy. An extension of mirroring in some ways.
  • “Mission Control has been supercharged for multiple displays.”
  • Multiple display tweaks are nice. Will make a lot of nerds very happy. Regular people just now hearing about multiple displays for the first time.
  • Applause for tags. Actual, human applause.
  • Tags and tabs. Hot for 2013.
  • You can also drag items into a tag window to add the tag.
  • Craig is just running through tab use. Next up is tagging.
  • These tabs look quite handy.
  • “I’m going to go up here and merge all my windows.”
  • Demo time!
  • “Finally, if you have an Airplay connected HDTV, it acts as a full power connected display as well.”
  • “With multiple displays on the Mac, its always been a powerful way to work.” Dock, menubar now on both displays.
  • Huge cheers!
  • “Next, multiple displays.”
  • “Tags are great for search as well.”
  • Tags for documents. Where ever they are.
  • “We’re bringing tagging to the Mac.”
  • “Next, tagging.” Someone yelled “yes!”
  • “It’s also a great app to take full screen.”
  • So, you can work in the finder with multiple windows, but now you can draw all of those windows together in tabs.”
  • “I want to talk about three of them right now.”
  • “It has great new apps and enhancements.”
  • “For our first CA themed release, we went just to our backyard. OS X Mavericks.”
  • “We want a name for the next 10 years. It’s the places that inspire us here in California. Where OS X is designed.”
  • “We thought maybe we could take this in a different direction. So I’m proud to present: Sea Lion.”
  • “As we turn our attention now to the 10th version, we’ve hit an issue. We do not want to be the first software in history to be delayed because of a dwindling supply of cats.”
  • “Let’s talk about OS X.”
  • Craig Federighi is on stage.
  • “We’re making the best Macs, but we’re not standing still.”
  • “It’s our best-selling release of all time.”
  • “We had lots of innovation for the Mac last year. One of those was Mountain Lion.”
  • “For us it’s never been about making the most. We care more that the Mac is number one in customer satisfaction and quality.”
  • Average annual growth rate for Mac is 15% versus 3% for PCs.
  • “The MacBook has continued to define the future of the notebook. It’s the number one notebook in the US.”
  • “The install base is incredibly strong. 72 million.”
  • “Next I’d like to talk about the Mac.”
  • “On behalf of Apple, I’d like to thank all of the developers here for making such incredible apps.”
  • Tim is back. “I think these guys are going to be incredibly successful.”
  • Anki Drive is available today. “We are a robotics and AI company, and this is only the beginning.”
  • “With Anki Drive we use technology to take gaming to a whole new level. You can play against your friends, or take your chances against the AI.”
  • And the car uses weapons to shoot other cars off of the road. “This is a video game in the real world.” Big applause for that.
  • This is pretty cool — the cars are using AI to try and outsmart and outrace each other.
  •  Boris placed a car on the track and it began lapping the other vehicles. Think those old track racing games you played as a kid. But with no weird pin-track.
  • “Alright, he’s a little camera shy.”
  • “We’re so excited to give you a peek at our first product, Anki drive.”
  • Boris Sofman from Anki is out to talk about the product.
  • “They’re using iOS devices and the platform to bring AI and robotics into our daily lives.”
  • “One thing we love about the app store is that it levels the playing field between large and small developers.”
  • “That’s three times more than all other platforms combined.”
  • “We are incredibly proud this morning to announce we have now paid developers $10 billion.”
  • “We have 375k apps designed for iPad, to take advantage of the full, beautiful canvas.”
  • “Thanks to you we now have 900k apps in the store.”
  • 50 billion apps downloaded.
  • “It’s a fantastic store in a great location. Only Apple can do this.” Well…
  • Honestly, you usually don’t see Germans emote this much. They seem pretty psyched.
  • Now a video showing the opening of the store in Berlin. You’ve never felt this pumped about a retail outlet in your life.
  • We recently opened this beautiful store in Berlin. It was originally one of the first theaters in Berlin.”
  • Tim is now talking about Apple’s retail stores. “The people who work at our stores are passionate about how technology can affect people’s lives.”
  • “We sold out WWDC in just over a minute.”
  • “I’m really glad you liked that. Those words mean a great deal to us, and you’ll see that reflected a great deal today. Welcome ot the Worldwide Developers Conference. You’re going to have an incredible week.”
  • Tim Cook is on stage! Huge applause!
  • The video is haunting, simple, beautiful… flat, admittedly.
  • “How can anyone perfect anything? we start to confuse convenience with joy.”
  • Here go the lights. We’re ready to begin!
  • “Ladies and gentlemen, please switch all electronic devices to silent mode.” And now, upbeat Vampire Weekend!
  • Device are being ordered into silent mode. Everyone’s been warned.
  • 7 minutes lef!
  • By the way, we are now TEN minutes away from keynote commencement. Are you ready? We sure are.
  • By the way, Microsoft’s E3 event is trucking along right this very moment! Microsoft just announced a new Xbox 360! Because, why not?
  • The tone right now is much calmer and more mellow than past WWDC events.
  • Yahoo CEO Marisa Mayer shows up for WWDC.
  • Just spotted Jony Ive in the house. Just in case you were wondering if he’d show.
  • The connectivity there is absolutely brutal. House WiFi: down. Verizon LTE: down. AT&T: barely hanging on.( Be Patient!)
  • 20 minutes left!
  • Apple reps: We’ve added an additional 2000 seats this year at the event.
  • Still about a half hour to go — the very big room is starting to fill out.
  • Tim Cook, meeting and greeting!
  • By the way, we have two folks wearing Google Glass
  • Mr. Cook’s got the top two buttons unbuttoned. Rocking the executive casual look.
  • Image
  • People are taking their seats
  • Apple’s Online Store is now down ahead of WWDC
  • The line at WWDC is crazy right now!


It’s time for WWDC 2013! Apple’s developer conference is going to take place today starting at 10AM PT (8Pm Beirut Time) and of course, we’re super-excited because we know we’re going to see iOS 7 for the first time.

As you probably know, iOS 7 is expected to the first major renovation of Apple’s mobile platform since its very beginning. Under the management of Sir Jony Ive, iOS 7 is said to sport a more contemporary, “flatter” look. However, exactly what new features Apple has in store for us remains to be seen.

 Be sure to stay tuned to Elie Chahine’s Blog as we’re going to cover all the news coming out of

WWDC 2013 for you! The keynote will begin at 1PM ET | 12PM CT | 11AM MT | 10AM PT | 5PM GMT | 7PM CET | 8Pm Beirut.