Two new Apple iPhone models coming next quarter, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to launch as soon as July?

Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared at D11 on Tuesday night and gave an explanation why Apple doesn’t release more than one variation of the Apple iPhone each year. On the other hand, the executive seemed to open the door a little, to the idea that more than one version of the phone could be launched at the same time.

Nonetheless, we suggest that you grab your salt shaker and take with a grain of salt the report from those all-knowing industry sources in Taiwan. These guys are saying that Apple will be launching not one, but two Apple iPhone models in the third quarter of this year.

The phones could be launched as early as next month and will include “a revised version” of the Apple iPhone 5 (which would probably be called the Apple iPhone 5S) and a low cost model of the device. The latter would have hardware specs similar to the Apple iPhone 4S, but with a lower resolution screen and a less powerful processor.

Shipments of the new Apple iPhones are expected to peak in August and September after starting at the end of June. All together, 100 million to 120 million units of all iPhone models are forecast by these industry sources to ship in the second half of 2013. If Apple is indeed this close to launching two new versions of the iPhone, we are surprised by the lack of any leaked photographs of either or both devices. No one has left a prototype in a bar for some time, although it did happen to the Google Nexus 4 last year.

And with that segue to Android, the same report says that Korean OEM Samsung could be looking at aJuly-August launch for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Considering that Samsung’s J.K. Shin has stated that the phablet would not be introduced until September’s IFA show in Berlin, we would tell you to start shaking that salt. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to have a 13MP rear-facing snapper with OIS support. There is also speculation that Samsung has reduced its target of shipping 70-80 million smartphones in the current quarter although it might hit the higher figure by the end of the next quarter

15 interesting points from Tim Cook’s D11 interview

  • Apple sold 85 million iPhones and 42 million iPads in last two quarters
  • iOS devices account for 59% of mobile web usage
  • It’s sold more than 13 million Apple TVs all together—half of that came in the last year
  • Cook thinks Apple has “incredible ideas” and has “several more game changers” in it
  • When pressed about Apple’s plans for the living room, Cook said “there is a grand vision.”
  • Cook said he sees wearables space as “a very important branch of the tree,” and thinks Apple will be “very involved” in it
  • Jony Ive is in fact working on iOS 7 “We recognized Jony had contributed significantly to the look and feel of Apple over many many years, and he could do that for our software as well.”
  • On making multiple iPhones at different price points, Cook said “we haven’t [done it] yet, but that doesn’t shut it out for the future.”
  • On the idea of an iPhone with a larger display, Cook said “a large screen today comes with a lot of tradeoffs” and Apple won’t go that route while those tradeoffs still exist.
  • iMessage delivers 2 billion messages per day.
  • Cook said rumors of Apple making a bid for Waze were vehemently false
  • Apple has acquired 9 companies since last October—typically does 6-7 per year
  • On major acquisitions, Cook said “We’re not currently looking at a big one, but we’re not opposed to doing that.”
  • Apple will soon be opening up much more of its iOS API to developers
  • Cook said Apple has ‘no religions issue’ with porting its apps or services to Android

Samsung Galaxy S II sales roar over 20 million in 10 months ! But …

The Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the most successful high-end Android handsets out there and now it’s got the numbers to prove it. Samsung says the Galaxy S II has sold 20 million units in the 10 months since its release in April 2011.

The number stood at 10 million already in October, and has just kept on growing since then. So overall, it looks that in the last couple of months sales have only accelerated and no wonder since the device is available across major carriers in the US.

The Galaxy S II however hasn’t yet managed to outsell the first-gen Galaxy S, which since its launch back in the dark ages of 2010, sold 22 million units.

Samsung’s big margins come from its high-end handsets like the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Note, and that’s partly why their success defines the vector of the company. Still though, sales of the Galaxy S II are marginal when compared to overall smartphone sales by Samsung which reached around 36.5 million in the last quarter of 2011.

iPhone 4S

But Apple managed to sell a bit more with 37 million iPhones and is currently the biggest smartphone maker in the world.

Apple prepares to give away $10,000 gift card ! Why ?

Apple prepares to give away $10,000 gift card for the 25 billionth App Store downloadTo commemorate the upcoming 25 billionth download from the App Store, Apple is offering to give a $10,000 App Store gift card to either the person who is responsible for the 25 billionth app download or the person who manages to send in the official entry form after the 24,999,999,999 app has been downloaded, but before the magic 25th billion has been selected. That seems like a tall order, but you can send in up to 25 entries a day. To send in the entry form, visit the sourcelink. Don’t go by the counter on Apple’s web site as that is for “illustrative purposes only”.

The winner of the contest will receive a $10,000 App Store gift card which can be spent only in the App Store, at iTunes or the iBook store in the country where the winner is located. So if you were dreaming of winning and using the prize to buy a variety of Apple iPhones and Apple iPads, forget it. What the winner will have is an incredible selection of apps, books, music and video on his or her Apple mobile device.

To show you how fast the App Store has been growing, during December Apple said that the store had reached 18 billion downloads. In the begining of last year, the App Store celebrated its 10 billionth downloadwhile in September 2008, just two months after the store had launched, Apple counted 100 million downloads. It certainly has been quite a ride.