Photographer Follows His Girlfriend Around The World: Here’s The Result

Great Photographs

In his photo series “Follow Me To”, Russian photographer Murad Osmann is taking the viewer on an intimate journey together with his girlfriend who’s leading him around the world. The pose is almost the same in every picture: the girl never shows her face, and the guy almost never lets go of her hand. The settings change from Moscow to London to Venice to a number of different locations in Russia, revealing their passion for travel.

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“For me photography is about capturing things other people might miss. It’s a way to communicate,” says Murad. Well, his loving message of trust is very clear in these photos, enjoy!

Great Photographs 20

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Samsung’s latest ad: Santa takes one for the team!

Samsung USA’s latest ad portrays a typical family holiday scenario. In comes “Santa” down the stairs (yeah, chimneys are overrated) to give the kids some presents.

Long story short he falls while trying to impress the kids and the fail gets caught on camera thanks to an Galaxy S III that was lying around.

The video then shows some NFC sharing magic through S Beam and is actually pretty funny so we suggest you check it out.

And here’s another one, It might not be as funny as the “Santa Fail” ad , but it does have a certain charm to it.

Oprah’s attempt to promote the Microsoft Surface backfires!


Oprah is out plugging the Surface for Microsoft, stating that she is buying several of the devices as gifts.

However, in sending out that specific tweet, she, or whoever was running her account that day, used a somewhat embarrassing service to communicate.

As we, and others have noticed:

photo 520x395 Oprahs attempt to promote the Microsoft Surface backfires: iPad used to send tweet

Yes, this is amateur hour.

Oprah have legions of fans, making her an effective marketing channel for Microsoft. Except for when the narrative around her promotion is tossed on its head by a foolish, and utterly avoidable mistake.

That shows why people who manage social media accounts should be tech savvy, not just marketing savvy.

Shit Android fanatics say [Video]

Last month we showed you two absolutely hilarious videos about shit Apple fanboys say(part 1&2). It looks like someone took a page from that book and came up with a similar version, this time targeting Android users.

Titled “shit Android fanatics say”, this video isn’t quite as funny as its Apple counterpart, but I still got a good laugh out of it, and I’m sure you will too.