First iPhone 6 Buyer Does an Accidental Drop-Test on TV!

iPhone 6 Drop Test

It’s iPhone 6 launch day, which of course means that YouTube will be full of drop tests by lunch time. But the very first buyer, coming out of the iPhone store in Perth, decided to beat them all to it.

According to the local news reporter, ‘Jack’ was so excited to get his shiny new iPhone 6 out of the packaging and into his sweaty paws that it got dropped onto the sidewalk — thankfully, not shattering the screen in the process. Although it might not have the quite the same scientific spirit-level precision as some drop-tests, it does bring a kind of rushed amateurism and unforced emotion to the drop-test genre that I think has been missing thus far.

Official Drop Test:

Video #1:

Video #2

Drop test: Apple iPhone 5 against Samsung Galaxy S4!

No matter what precautions you take, one day, you are going to drop your handset. It’s a sure thing and explains why manufacturers spend so much money on build quality and testing. With the Samsung Galaxy S4 now launching at  some locations, you might be curious to see how the new Android flagship holds up against the Apple iPhone 5.

Can the polycarbonate build of the Samsung Galaxy S4  take a beating as well as the aluminum clad Apple iPhone 5? Click on the video to find out-if you dare. With speculation that Samsung itself is tired of being picked on for its choice of build materials, there is some talk that the Samsung GALAXY Note III will be enclosed in a casing made of something other than plastic.

Watching both flagship models hit the ground just might be too much for you to take. Even closing your eyes won’t let you escape the agony because of that sound that any smartphone fan can instantly identify as the sound of a new handset coming into contact with the ground. Last month, we told you that Apple has been awarded a patent on a process that detects if a device is free falling and if so, makes adjustments to move the center of mass to control how the device falls. For those butterfingers in the audience, this technology can’t arrive quickly enough.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III drop test is not for faint-hearted geeks!



galaxy s3 vs iphone 5 drop test

One thing that we don’t really enjoy watching is pricey gadgets being tortured, but if that’s the only way to test the durability of a high-end smartphone, then count us in. Today’s contenders are the iPhone 5, which is now available for purchase in several countries, and theSamsung Galaxy S III, which is currently among the hottest Android smartphones in existence. Which one of the two will suffer less damage after being put to a real-life drop test?

We won’t tell you, of course. In order to find the answer to that question, you’ll have to watch the video, which we’ve embedded below. Just keep in mind that what you are about to see is not for the faint-hearted geeks. You’ve been warned!

Samsung getting even with Apple: the next iPhone is a priority target!

Looks like Apple is pushing Samsung’s buttons by asking the court to put the Galaxy S III smartphone on the list of devices eligible for

So, what’s Sammy gonna do? Summon its legal sharks to go after the iPhone 5, of course… a preliminary sales injunction in the United States.

Apple is leveraging its Siri patent to seek a sales ban on Samsung’s latest device which has a similar feature called S-Voice with the user interface that resembles Apple’s digital secretary a lot, as seen below.

Now, according to patent blogger Florian Müeller, interviewed by The Korea Times, the South Korean conglomerate will get even with Apple and is definitely going to target the next iPhone, expected to be unveiled at WWDC next Monday.

Müeller said:

There’s no question that Samsung will pay back in kind, and the iPhone 5 will definitely be a priority target.

Apple is thought to be concerned about the nine million preorders for the S III, which was launched in 28 countries in Europe and the Middle East in May and about to launch in the United States on June 21.

Müeller observes that Samsung’s product cycles are “way faster than the U.S. legal system”, adding:

Apple filed for an injunction against the Nexus phone in February but by now the Galaxy SIII looks like a much hotter product. Apple is well aware of the incredibly high levels of pre-launch orders around the globe and mentions those numbers in its filing.

Speculating that the S III will probably be “the most exciting and best-selling Android-based product ever”, Müeller concluded that Apple wants to at least delay the handset in the U.S. and reduce its appeal to consumers by enforcing software changes in order to make things easier for its next iPhone.

And the latest from the courtroom: Samsung just sued Australian patent office to force judicial four Apple patents, seeking to declare them invalid.

Now, it’s been suggested that a recent executive reshuffling at Samsung could improve relationship with Apple because the new CEO Kwon Oh-hyun has deep relationships with Apple.

However, the speculation has no merit as KDB Daewoo Securities analyst James Song opined in a Reuters interview “there’ll be no major changes in overall strategy”.

Samsung Galaxy S III and the Apple iPhone 4S enter a drop test, only one survives

Samsung just brought the Galaxy S III to the market and it immediately had to face an Apple iPhone 4S in a drop test.

AndroidAuthority decided to redo the drop test from last year, when the Galaxy S II met the iPhone 4S on the sidewalk curb, and survived thanks to its Gorilla Glass screen. Now, the Galaxy S III comes with Gorilla Glass 2, so it’s interesting to see how it’ll fare in the same challenge.

Mind you, the drop test doesn’t come even close to being scientific – the phones hit the ground at different angles which has a pretty huge effect on the result. Nevertheless, the video is fun to watch if you don’t get chills watching expensive gadgetry getting tortured.

The test, however sloppy, was still interesting to see. Any thoughts you might have on it are welcome in the comments section below.

Update: Square Trade also uploaded their Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S drop test video. It looks like they cheated a little bit and tested an iPhone 4 instead of an iPhone 4S. Nevertheless, if you want to see even more tests where the ultra-expensive smartphones get abused, the video is below.