UPDATED: Abdo Feghali on the Evo X Secures 23rd Cedars Rally Win!


Abdo Feghali has inherited the 23rd Cedars Rally victory after Roger Feghali got disqualified for receiving help from Joe Kfoury when the former went off in the early stages of the rally.

Roger, who dominated the event yesterday by winning 10 out of a total 12 super special stages, went off course on the third super special stage in Sereel and is claimed to have resumed the rally thanks to help from Joe Kfoury, who also got disqualified.

The Ford Fiesta R5 driver has appealed the decision and is looking to take his victory back. In the meantime, Abdo Feghali is the tentative 23rd Cedars Rally winner, followed by Eddy Abou Karam in second place overall and Rodrigue Rahi in third.

Provisional Official Classification:

01. Abdo Feghali, 01h 07min 59.3sec
02. Eddy Abou Karam, +02min 49.8sec
03. Rodrigue Rahi, +03min 20.3sec
04. Nicolas Amiouni, +03min 28.6sec
05. Rabih Ayoub, +04min 05.4sec
06. Emile Abou Karam, +04min 25.3sec
07. Robert Aaraj, +05min 24.1sec
08. Nabil Abdelhak, +07min 58.5sec
09. Hicham Al Abiad, +09min 27.5sec
10. Elie Nehme, +11min 28.0sec
11. Ziad Feghali, +11min 49.4sec
12. Nader Hamze, +23min 49.8sec
13. Hovig Karakozian, +24min 21.3sec
14. Majed Khoury, +29min 19.4sec

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Roger Feghali took his third straight victory of the 2014 Lebanese Rally Championship season after dominating the 23rd Cedars Rally today despite an early setback that saw him lose a bit of time to his competitors.

Roger’s rally got off to a bad start when he went off track in the opening special stage in Aarjes, and dropped back behind Abdo Feghali, Nicolas Amiouni and Eddy Abou Karam. The Ford Fiesta R5 driver, however, struck back in the second special stage to go second fastest behind Abdo (Evo X), before raising his game even further to win all remaining 10 special stages.

Abdo Feghali drove a consistent rally to finish second overall and first in the Group N class, followed by Eddy Abou Karam who had his hands full in a battle for third place with Nicolas Amiouni, before the latter slowed down on the second loop of stages due to a broken component in his Evo X. Amiouni eventually crossed the finish line in fifth place overall behind Rodrigue Rahi’s Lancer Evo IX.

Robert Aaraj secured the front-wheel drive class win by finishing the event ninth place overall in his Citroen DS3 R3.

Source: Biser3a

Ford’s new kick-activated tailgate provides hands-free opening !!

A simple swing of the foot opens the rear hatch thanks to Ford's new kick-activated tailga...

Ford may have spent last month using technology to create more problems, but this month it shows how it’s using technology to actually solve problems. The new kick-activated tailgate on the Kuga SUV lets you open the tailgate without your hands. It’s a valuable feature for anyone that tends to lug two armfuls worth of goods to the car.

Open the door and seamlessly slide your packages in

The latest Kuga, which is on display at the Geneva Motor Show, features a two-sensor system that recognizes the movement of the shin and foot and opens the tailgate automatically. The feature is useful for anyone that has their hands full with groceries or other packages and wants to open the car without having to set them down. To open, Kuga owners simply lightly kick their foot under the rear bumper.

The hands-free tailgate system can only be activated when it recognizes the remote-entry key on your person. You don’t have to pull your key FOB out to unlock the doors, because the system automatically recognizes it and unlocks with the flick of your foot. In this way, the system is as secure as a regular remote entry.

The kick-activated tailgate makes its European debut on the new Ford Kuga

Ford developers spent six months working in the Human Machine Interface laboratory, tweaking the system with the help of volunteer kickers that tested the motion sensors. They ensured that the system distinguishes between actual kicks and other motions – say a pothole in the road – so that the tailgate doesn’t inadvertently pop open when you least expect it.

With so much technology going into ambiguous or arguably dangerous automotive systems, it’s good to see an automaker using technology to solve an actual real-life problem, however small it may be.

The new tailgate is quick and simple

The kick-activated tailgate will be offered as an option on the new Kuga, which is set to launch in the U.K. early next year. The option is already available on the Kuga’s North American counterpart, the Escape.