iPhone 6 rumoured to come in two screen sizes for 2014!

iPhone 6 rumored to come in two screen sizes for 2014

Back in 2012 Apple finally broke tradition and released a new iPhone model with a larger display, but this was still left behind by numerous Android devices that have been growing larger all the time. Now though there are again rumours suggesting that the iPhone 6 is to come in two screen sizes for 2014.

We could be still a few months away yet before we see a new smartphone from Apple unless the company throws a curve ball and returns to revealing new hardware at the annual WWDC event. Now according to some alleged Foxconn insiders that got a little loosed tongued at a New Year’s party Apple is going to release two new iPhone models this year with different screen sizes.


These will see a major jump up with one coming in at 4.7-inches and the other matching the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at 5.7-inches. There is also a chance the new iPhone’s will feature an iris scanner that is rumoured to also be featured in the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Now obviously this rumour has to be taken with a huge pinch of salt but this is not the first time we have heard screen sizes like this for an upcoming iPhone model, as both of these sizes were mentioned back in the summer of 2013 for the iPhone 6.

Apple CEO Time Cook has recently promised that the company has big plans for this year so whether that was a subtle hint for a supersized new iPhone remains to be seen, and it’s open to debate whether many iPhone fans would want to a handset quite so large.

Would you like to see an iPhone this big?