Attention Jailbreakers: BigBoss repo is allegedly hacked!

BigBoss, one of the default repositories for jailbreak tweaks in Cydia, has allegedly been hacked by an individual or a group of individuals whose identity is still unknown.

The attackers were apparently able to gain access to all packages (paid and free) that are available in the BigBoss repo, and made the deb index and database available for download. The assailants went as far as creating a new repo which can be added to Cydia to download all BigBoss-hosted tweaks.

As is always the case when this type of security breach happens, jailbreak users should be cautious and stay away from this.

Dubbed ripBigBoss, the website and companion repo are using Saurik’s recent “Competition vs Community” as a motivation for their acts, pushing the use of the #WhichSideAreYouOn and #SupportTheCompetition hashtags. It’s important to note that this verbiage could certainly be used as some sort of disguise in order to blur their tracks and put the blame on different groups of people.

We strongly advise jailbreak users not to install or download any tweaks from this new repo. Besides the obvious moral concern over downloading pirated tweaks, users could put themselves at risk of installing malware on their devices without their knowledge.

BigBoss repo manager 0ptimo has yet to comment on this security breach, but it is safe to assume he’s probably hard at work on securing his assets to prevent a future breach.

As a safety measure, and until more light is shed by official parties on this, we suggest not installing or updating tweaks that are hosted in the BigBoss repo. While the potentiality of malware being injected in the official repo is very unlikely, you’re better safe than sorry.

Note that we purposely did not link to the ripBigBoss website, which you may visit at your own risk.

Untethered iOS 7 Jailbreak Arrives For iPhone, iPad and iPod!

iOS jailbreakers woke up to an early Christmas present this morning as the hacking group evad3rs released the first version of evasi0n7, the first jailbreak for iOS 7. This is not a present, however, for the faint of heart, as it has not been thoroughly tested. Jay Freeman’s (aka saurik), the developer of Cydia, the leading app store for jailbreak apps, writes on Hacker News that he “got no lead time on evasi0n7, nor was I asked for an official iOS 7 Cydia; I was not given builds, nor was I asked for things to test.”

The haste with which this has been released may be in response to reports last week (since denied) that someone close to the evad3rs group “had stolen the jailbreak and sold it to a private buyer.” Whether or not this is true, it is odd that the group also did not give Freeman the opportunity to test the new jailbreak with his Mobile Substrate framework, which allows 3rd-party developers to provide extensions to system functions on jailbroken devices, and is an important component in the jailbreak ecosystem. “In fact,” Freeman writes, “@evad3rs didn’t even try my testing build of Substrate I gave core developers, so they didn’t notice a fundamental incompatibility.” Whoops.

And in fact the first intrepid early adopters are reporting problems, but when you are on the bleeding edge you expect there to be problems. But, as Petteri Pyyny writes on the AfterDawn blog, “the process itself should be done only by a person who knows what they’re doing: jailbreaking, if gone bad, can “brick” your device and you’ll most likely lose your warranty as well (depends on jurisdiction you live in).”

What are people going to do with their jailbroken iOS 7 devices (once the jailbreak actually works)? Other commentors on Hacker News discussed simple things like being able to choose default apps, using apps unavailable for iOS, like f.lux, and tether their phones to their computers free of charge all the way to being able to use Bitcoin related apps on their phones.

Jailbreak fans can contribute to evad3rs PayPal account to support Public Knowledge, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure that work to maintain the legality of jailbreaking. They might want to contribute to saurik as well since it is clear that a lot of the code that makes jailbroken phones work well is maintained by Freeman.

Apple should be watching what people choose to do with their iOS 7 jailbreaks. In the past, the jailbreak community has provided valuable clues to functions users want that Apple has not supported yet. This Christmas, it is fair to say, the jailbreak elves will be busy!

Check this link to jailbreak: (Be Careful while jailbreaking, read the steps on the website!)

Tough Decisions Ahead Road Sign

Evasi0n7 is likely the most controversial jailbreak to date. It comes with its fair share of mysteries, and maybe even betrayals, if you believe some of the drama-infused reports about it. We tried to our best to explain why evasi0n7 was released today and what the deal is with Taiji, hoping people would make up their mind about whether or not it’s worth jailbreaking today.

Because there is still a bit of confusion about the usefulness of evasi0n7 at this time, we thought it’d be helpful to put up a list of reasons why you should or shouldn’t jailbreak your iOS device…

You should jailbreak today because:

  1. You can
  2. iOS 7.1 is right around the corner and you might not be able to jailbreak again after that

On the flip side, you shouldn’t jailbreak your iOS device today because:

  1. This jailbreak is kind of buggy to begin with
  2. Cydia hasn’t been properly updated for iOS 7
  3. Most tweaks aren’t updated for iOS 7 yet
  4. You’ll probably have to run the jailbreak again at some point soon
  5. We don’t know enough about this deal with Taig
  6. iOS 7.1 is right around the corner and you might miss on all its goodies

See, the drawbacks overwhelmingly outweigh the benefits. Yet I still clicked “Jailbreak” in evasi0n7. If you like to live “semi dangerously”, do it. If you have any doubt, stay away from it until the smoke clears out.

For what it’s worth, I believe the China thing has been blown out of proportion and can’t see the evad3rs adding a backdoor to evasi0n7 to send your data to China. This is just nonsense. On the other hand, there aren’t many benefits to being jailbroken today since most of the tweaks don’t work. This is just a matter of time though.