Apple iPhone 6 leaked by Taiwanese star Jimmy Lin!

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Taiwanese singer/actor/race driver Jimmy Lin posted photos of himself holding the yet-unannounced iPhone 5c last year and now he’s back with the new iPhone 6. We’ve seen plenty of leaks of the iPod Touch-inspired iPhone, but given Mr. Lin’s track record these images are some of the more credible ones.

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Lin confirms the 4.7″ screen for the Apple iPhone 6 and notes that the antennas are still external. The new rounded corners improve the grip but the matte aluminum finish may be slippery.

To compensate for the taller device, the Power key has been moved on the right side. Also, it seems that Apple will be abandoning its dual-LED flash.

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Unfortunately, there are no technical details about the phone so we still don’t know the resolution of the 4.7″ screen.

According to info from Foxconn there will be a 5.5″ iPhone too.

Another FAKE video of the New iPhone 5 surfaces!

As is always the case, the closer we get to an iPhone launch, the more leaks there are. Some attribute these as purposely released by Apple generate more hype for their imminent launch.

Whatever the case, this latest video confirms what we’ve heard about the iPhone 5 .. BUT  still its a FAKE one .. the device cannot be turned on .. its a prototype, this is just a video trick . 

Speaking of leaks, a white version of the iPhone 5 was also leaked at the start of the month, this time by Taiwanese popstar Jimmy Lin.

Lin posted on Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter and Facebook in one), that the new iPhone is indeed longer but thinner than its predecessor, created of an aluminum alloy which makes it feel the same as the 4S in hand. He also confirmed that it will use 19-pin connector rather than the current 30-pin one.

Of course, take both of these with the usual grain of salt.

Whether either of these proves false almost doesn’t matter at this point, since Apple are set to officially announce the new device on September 12th.