The Statue of Our Lady of Maritim “Lady of the Sea” in Jbeil is bleeding! (Updated)

According to National News Agency that the right eye of the Statue of Our Lady of Maritim in Jbeil Lebanon (Our Lady of the Sea) shed tears of blood and that her neck bleeding as well. Church committee is investigating this phenomenon .

الوكالة الوطنية للاعلام: ان العين اليمنى لتمثال سيدة ماريتيم في جبيل (سيدة البحار) تذرف دموعا من الدم وان عنقها ينزف دما ايضا.وقد حضرت لجنة كنسية للتحقق من الظاهرة


The church committee issued a report today: This phenomenon is due to natural forces since the statue is facing the sea, and this has nothing to do with Miracles.