Google Announces its own phones: Pixel and Pixel XL!

If you’ve formed an emotional attachment to the Nexus brand, it’s time to say goodbye. But this is good news – the legacy continues with the Pixel, a collaboration between Google and HTC, the same team that brought us both the original Android phone and the first Nexus.

Two phones – the Pixel and Pixel XL – cover the bases of size preference, 5″ and 5.5″ respectively. Both have AMOLED screens, with 1080p resolution for the small one (441ppi) and QHD for the big one (534ppi). Battery capacity is also different, 2,770mAh and 3,450mAh.

Beyond that, both Pixels are more similar than they are different. Qualcomm supplied a revamped chipset, the Snapdragon 821, Android 7.1 Nougat (yes, a point upgrade over what the LG V20 has) brings “sustained performance mode.”

The camera boasts the same excellent qualities we loved on the last (ever?) pair of Nexus devices – 12MP sensor, 1.55µm pixels, f/2.0 aperture. But it resolves our one gripe with it too – it adds back the Optical Image Stabilization.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL have the same storage options – 32GB (for those that use Google Photos and Play Music) and 128GB (for those that prefer their data offline). Both come with 4GB of RAM – one better than the Nexus 6P, nothing extraordinary though a clean Android OS runs leaner.

While HTC built the phones, the Pixels branded only with the Google logo. And they are loaded to the teeth with Google services that cover everything from messaging, through cloud services to AI assistants. The search giant has a growing stable of self-branded devices – the Google phone can connect to a Google router and cast to a Google media player, you get the idea.

The Pixel brand debuted with the best Chromebook money can buy, then ventured into Android with the Pixel C tablet, clearly, it’s a premium brand by Google. And the two phones are priced accordingly – they start $649 and will be available through a bunch of carriers and retailers. Check them out below.

Pre-orders start on October 13, with actual sales beginning a week later, October 20. The phones will be available in Quite Black, Very Silver and Really Blue colors.

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