Google outgrows Microsoft to become the second-largest tech company in the world!

Google outgrows Microsoft to become the second-largest tech company in the worldFor the first time today Google surpassed Microsoft’s market evaluation and became the world’s second largest tech company after Apple.

Analysts are taking this as a clear indication of how the web is solving tasks previously reserved for the offline PC, and how the growth of mobile has been a key driver to Google’s success.
Google now has over $249 billion in market cap, while Microsoft fell to around $248.8 billion. The two companies will probably trade positions for a certain period of time, but given Google and Microsoft’s dynamics, it’s expected that in a couple of days Google will firmly establish itself on the second place.ssft

Google outgrows Microsoft to become the second-largest tech company in the world

Still, that’s the market capitalization, and this means it’s a hugely volatile measure and one that changes swiftly. Still, it’s definitely telling of investors’ sentiment towards the two company, and right now Google is winning it.

Still, when it comes to market valuation nobody comes even close to Apple’s nearly $632 billion. That’s much more than Google and Microsoft combined.

Apple became the most valuable company in history!

With its shares’ price going past the $660 mark today, Apple reached a market capitalization of over $620 billion, thus becoming the most valuable company ever. The Cupertino based behemoth has taken the title from its rival Microsoft, which at one point was valued at $618.9 billion.

With the next generation iPhone and another iPad model lurking around the corner, we can reasonably expect Apple’s market capitalization to reach even bigger heights. So, don’t be surprised if you hear the $1 trillion market capitalization talk intensify even further.

Apple now worth $500,000,000,000 ! Why It Won’t Stop There ..

Apple now worth more than Poland !

Apple (AAPL) crossed an amazing milestone in after-market trading yesterday, when its market capitalization exceeded $500 billion for the first time.  To put this in perspective, the tech juggernaut is now more valuable than the gross domestic product of Poland, Belgium, Sweden and even Saudi Arabia.

Apple is one of the only one of four companies in history to break this mark, and unlike others that have briefly traded in this neighborhood–Microsoft (MSFT) and Cisco (CSCO) –Apple has the potential to not only sustain this value but blow past it.


First because Apple’s stock still is not expensive on traditional valuation measures.

The stock trades at a 15X trailing price-earnings ratio, which is about the average PE ratio for the market as a whole for the past century. Needless to say, Apple is growing its earnings vastly faster than the market as a whole.

Second, Apple’s penetration of its key product categories is still relatively low. Macs, for example, still make up only about 10% of PC sales worldwide. iPhones, meanwhile, are only about 20% of the exploding global smartphone market, which itself is growing extremely rapidly. And Apple dominates the tablet market, which is still in its infancy.

Thus, all three of Apple’s core businesses appear to have plenty of room to grow. And the company is widely expected to launch a major new business later this year, TVs, which could open up another huge growth opportunity.

Lastly, for those focused on near-term catalysts, Apple should have plenty of good news to announce over the next six months. The iPad 3 is expected next week (click here for all the expected features), the iPhone 5 should appear this summer, and Apple’s TV is expected in the fall.

Obviously, as with any fast-growing technology company, there is plenty of downside risk for Apple, especially given the loss of Steve Jobs. All the products Apple will release this year were likely incubated under Jobs, and it won’t be until next year and the following year that we’ll know how well Apple can innovate under its new CEO, Tim Cook.

But Cook is off to a great start so far. And Apple’s three businesses are humming, with another potentially big one thought to be on the way. And Apple’s stock just isn’t expensive relative to historical earnings, let alone expected future earnings.

So it is not, actually, far-fetched to think that Apple’s value could eventually hit $1 trillion or more.

Apple iPad 3 to be announced first week in March . Four major changes?!

As the iPad 3 launch date nears, rumors regarding the next generation are swirling online, especially after a leaked photo of the new back panel emerged.

That image hinted at changes such as a larger battery and some design elements such as an improved processor, better display and more powerful camera.

A mere glimpse at the casing may not reveal much but a closer look at the back panel suggests at least four major changes to be expected in the iPad 3:

iPad Pic

  1. New Internal Hardware. Different logic board mounting indicates that a better A6 processor – instead of the A5 processor-based logic board – may be imminent.
  2. Larger Width of Logic Board. Larger width of the logic board of the new iPad compared to its predecessor suggests a larger and longer-lasting battery.
  3. Improved Camera Lens. Apple already launched a new camera in the iPhone 4S. Thus, an updated version of the camera can be expected in the iPad 3.
  4. Different LCD Mounting. The smaller and different mounting system of the logic board supports the speculation that Apple will redesign the display.

Some theorize that item #4 above could mean a revolutionary Retinal display that would feature double-resolution screen 2048×1536 pixels in dimension.

With modified IGZO (indium, gallium, zinc) technology and pixel density of 330 ppi, this would be an upgrade over iPad 2’s 1024×768 and 132 ppi density.

While Apple has not made any sort of official announcement about its launch date for the iPad 3, most experts are indicating an early March launch.

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Apple stock reaching new heights, now worth more than Google and Microsoft combined !

It sure is a good time to be an Apple investor. After reaching new records a couple weeks ago, the stock hasn’t stopped going up ever since. AAPL is currently trading at about $495, which is an absolute record.

As 9to5Mac notes, at its current $460 billion market capitalization, Apple is worth more than 10% of all NASDAQ combined. More impressive maybe is that Apple is worth 52 times RIM’s value, more than 5 times Amazon’s, more than twice the value of Google, and almost double the size of Microsoft. Heck, Apple is worth more than Google and Microsoft combined!

I said it before and I’ll say it again, although the stock is expensive, it’s still a very good time to buy Apple.