Apple became the most valuable company in history!

With its shares’ price going past the $660 mark today, Apple reached a market capitalization of over $620 billion, thus becoming the most valuable company ever. The Cupertino based behemoth has taken the title from its rival Microsoft, which at one point was valued at $618.9 billion.

With the next generation iPhone and another iPad model lurking around the corner, we can reasonably expect Apple’s market capitalization to reach even bigger heights. So, don’t be surprised if you hear the $1 trillion market capitalization talk intensify even further.

Android, RIM, Windows Phone take the back seat as iPhone surges to market glory !

Statistics are a tricky business as it’s always hard to be perfectly accurate measuring mobile platforms’ market shares, but latest data from Kantar Worldpanel reveals some very interesting trends. First of all, iOS and the iPhone are skyrocketing with market shares in the USA growing more than twice in January 2012 when compared with the same month in 2011. iOS now has 48.5% of the mobile market and is the single biggest platform.
Android backtracks to the second place with its US share dropping to 42.6%, down from 54.5% in Jan 2011. We also know well that BlackBerries are no longer cool, and their drop in share is probably the biggest one as their piece of the mobile pie shrinks to only 5.7%, nearly a third of the 14.3% RIM held in January 2011.
Another very interesting trend is the decline of Windows Phone 7. Microsoft’s platform has grown from the marginal 3.2% market share to the almost unnoticeable 1.5%.
Overall, it’s clear that currently the iOS-Android duopoly is only strengthening. Do you see any third platform as capable of fighting for its place under the sun?
RIM, Windows Phone, Android take the back seat as iPhone surges to market glory