New Outlook for Web Features: ‘Likes’ and ‘@Mentions’!

Microsoft has announced that it has added a couple of new features to its Outlook for Web service. These include Facebook-style Likes and Twitter-style Mentions.

Now you can endorse a specific email by liking it, something which you can do by clicking the thumbs-up icon in the reading pane, similar to the way you do it on Facebook.

“This turns the icon from gray to blue, notes within the email that you liked the message and adds a thumbs-up icon in the email list view,” the company said in a blog post. You’ll also get a notification when somebody likes your email.

Moving on, the Mentions feature lets you grab someone’s attention as well as automatically include them in an existing email thread. To use the feature, just add the @ symbol (see image above) in the email body, followed by the contact name.

“Their name will be highlighted in the message in blue and they will receive an @ flag in their inbox view next to the message,” the software giant said.

Although the Likes feature will begin rolling out today, it’ll currently only be available to Office 365 First Release customers whose Office 365 plan includes Exchange Online. Office 365 commercial customers will start getting it towards the end of the month.

Similarly, the Mentions feature – which will begin rolling out in the mid of the month – will also be initially available to First Release customers only. Office 365 commercial customers will get it next month.


Windows Phone 8.1 for developers is here and ready for download!

windows phone 8.1 primary

Just as promised, Windows Phone 8.1 is now available for download to developers. Joe Belfiore, the chief of the Windows Phone Program Management at Microsoft has tweeted a screenshot of the WP 8.1 update prompt.

Mind you, before being able to install the Windows Phone 8.1 update, you’ll have to download a minor update that prepares your phone for the essential one. Regular consumers can expect their phone to receive the update in a few months, while the first devices to run it out of box will come at the end of this or the start of next month.

windows phone 81 lock screen now and future april 2014

If you are in a hurry, registering as a Windows Phone developer isn’t really that hard. You can either pay $19 to Microsoft and get access to publishing apps in the Windows Phone Store or register as a developer through App Studio. The latter option is free and is aimed at enthusiasts but it also grant you the Developer status, which in turn lets you install the update.

windows phone 81 cortana main screen nokia lumia icon april 2014

The Windows Phone 8.1 update brings a lot of new features to Microsoft’s phone OS. Most notably, those are the digital personal assistant Cortana, Action center, updated UI with custom lockscreen and tile backgrounds, IE 11 as well as updated security and Sense apps.