Belgian Teen Axelle Despiegelaere Lands L’Oreal Modeling Gig After World Cup Photos Go Viral!


A 17-year-old Belgian sports fan, who was shown on television during Belgium’s group match against Russia in Brazil, has landed a gig as a model.

Axelle Despiegelaere’s horned hat and red, black and yellow-painted face began circulating around the Internet and sparked the interest of L’Oreal, who gave her a modeling contract.

She now has a unofficial Facebook page that has amassed over 280,000 likes since its creation.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

And Despiegelaere is already experiencing what life is like in the spotlight: Much like everyone’s favorite safari girl Kendall Jones, a photo of Despiegelaere posing next to an oryx gazelle in Africa is gaining negative media attention.

It’s unknown how much Despiegelaere’s contract with L’Oreal is worth, but the company released a video to celebrate their new client. Check it out.

Kids Who Probably Dress Better Than You!

A well-dressed guy or gal is always going to look good, but how are you supposed to feel when a six-year-old kid is dressed better than you are? That’s exactly what the kids in this post represent – they’re the most fashionable kids on the playground.

You have to wonder, though – who’s having more fun here, the kids or the parents? The kids look fresh from head to toe, but in most cases, their parents probably had to have helped them choose their clothing. Some of the children look a bit strange dressed as adults, but others definitely look downright adorable.

The practice raises some interesting questions, too. How can it affect a child’s psyche when their parents try to make them look more like adults?

Would you dress your own children up like this?

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