Shakira & Rihanna Release ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ Video! Watch it Here!

When a Latin blonde bombshell pairs up with a Barbadian brunette, it just screams sexy! So it’s no surprise that when Shakira and Rihanna’s ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ video came out on Jan. 30, it was the definition of sensual. Watch it right here!

Rihanna and Shakira look absolutely stunning in the official music video for “Can’t Remember To Forget You”! They’re draped all over each other, showing off their amazing bodies, and their equally unique voices and looks compliment each other perfectly!

Shakira & Rihanna Release ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ Video

WOW. That’s pretty much all we can say about the new video for Shakira and RiRi’s new song. They singers absolutely stun in the video — from Shakira throwing herself into a wall in a lace bikini top, to cozying up to Rihanna while both of them are TOPLESS — it was definitely one of the sexiest videos yet.

In the video, Shakira romps around on a bed in a couple of very revealing outfits as she sings about making the same mistakes over and over again with Mr. Wrong. Shakira looks more gorgeous than ever!

And just when we thought this video couldn’t get any hotter, Rihanna showed up! After twerking against the walls, the two sexy singers hop into bed together, where they smoke cigars and rub each other legs while seductively staring into the camera.

It doesn’t get much sexier than this!

Shakira: Rihanna Is ‘The Sexiest Woman On The Planet’

“Working with [Rihanna] was utopia,” Shakira said in Glamour, as she was the cover of their February 2014 issue. ”She’s the sexiest woman on the planet. And at the end of the day, we’re both just basically Caribbean girls. The chemistry was so good and so real. She taught me dance moves. She was a sweet teacher.”

Well it looks like they both can dance — this is the sexiest video we’ve seen in a long time! Shakira posted a behind-the-scenes video the day before the release, too that shows just how much fun they have together.

Watch it below, then tell us — do you think they look sexy in the new video?

WATCH: Shakira & Rihanna – ’Can’t Remember To Forget You’

Kim Kardashian goes topless, straddles Kanye West in rapper’s ‘Bound 2’ music video

Kim Kardashian can be seen straddling her fiancé topless while he steers a motorcycle through the desert for his 'Bound 2' music video.


Kim Kardashian can be seen straddling her fiancé topless while he steers a motorcycle through the desert for his ‘Bound 2’ music video.

This music video is “Bound 2” embarrass their 5-month-old daughter one day.

Kanye West takes fiancée Kim Kardashian for a wild, naked joyride in his new “Bound 2” music video, in which the 33-year-old reality star straddles her fully-clothed man while he steers a motorcycle through a desert.

The 36-year-old rapper debuted the provocative clip featuring the mother of his child on an episode of Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show ”Ellen” Tuesday.

Kim Kardashian embracing her fiancé in West's 'Bound 2' music video.

The video starts by showing off the sexy silhouette of Kardashian’s post-baby body as she is sprawled across the bike.

When West belts out the lyric “one good girl is worth a thousand bitches,” the parents of infant North West engage in a steamy embrace and start making out.

A source gave an advance tease on Kardashian’s vixen role in the video to Us Weekly on Monday, calling it “really sexy.”

Sexy silhouette! Kim Kardashian shows off her post-baby body in West's  'Bound 2' music video.

“Kim looks beyond gorgeous,” the insider said. “It’s very artsy, very beautiful.

“The imagery is very colorful and light,” the insider continued. “Nothing about it feels pop or urban. She looks incredible.”

DeGeneres questioned the notoriously erratic rapper whether being a new father has made him more conscious of how he expresses himself in public — then went one step further, asking if he thinks the video, directed by Nick Knight, comes off as “dirty.”

Kardashian strips down as she rides a motorcycle in the music video.

“No, I’m not as concerned with the idea of profanity or nudity,” West said. “It’s more the messaging behind it.”

The narcissistic superstar, who was set to perform at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn Tuesday, said his daughter will get a healthy dose of tough love.

“She is going to be in the real world, so she’s going to hear things and see things,” the “Yeezus” artist said. “I think she’s gotta be prepared for that.”

Kim Kardashian stars in West's new music video set in the desert.

The singer went on to gush about how “awesome” his bride-to-be is, and why Kardashian deserved the lavish, baseball stadium-sized proposal at AT&T Park in San Francisco on her birthday last month.

“She’s an important person, (and) when I was at my lowest moments I could get on the phone with her and she would make me feel like, you know, I was here for a reason. And I was,” he said.

“It’s incredible to have a woman like that, that you know is not using you for money,” he continued about his relationship with his famous fiancée.

Hip hop artist Kanye West makes an appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Tuesday and debuts his latest music video while he gushes about his fiancée and their daughter.

“Her personality is so calming. And I don’t know if that’s the way people would describe my personality,” West, who has been involved in several anger-filled public incidents, told the daytime host.

“I’ll tell you, they would not,” DeGeneres quipped.

Then West brought up another brazen celebrity who proclaimed his love on air — before their relationship crashed and burned.

“It’s almost like people make fun of me for like how in love I actually am. I’m trying to avoid the jump-up-on-the-couch moment, but yeah it’s just, it’s good,” West explains, referring to Tom Cruise’s infamous declaration of his love for Katie Holmes during a 2005 Oprah Winfrey appearance.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Used To Shoot Ellie Goulding’s New Music Video: How Long Will I Love You

When it comes to smartphone cameras, the Nokia Lumia 1020 is no slouch. In fact some consider it to have the best smartphone camera on the market at the moment, beating out the likes of Apple’s iPhone 5 which some consider to be one of the better cameras on the market. But how good are we talking about? Would you be able to tell if a video was shot entirely with the Nokia Lumia 1020?

Well we certainly couldn’t and if you have a few minutes to spare, you might want to check out the music video above which features Ellie Goulding’s “How Long Will I Love You” song. The video seems to have a lot of Nokia devices making appearances, such as the Nokia Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 925, but we guess the highlight here is that apparently the entire music video was shot with the Lumia 1020 and put together in Final Cut Pro.

While the video is for the upcoming Roger Michell short film, Tom & Issy, with 20p from each purchase of the song going to BBC’s Children in Need Charity, it sure does look like an extended advertisement for Nokia phones. Either way it is a pretty impressive video and if you’d like to see a Making Of video, check it out below. Who else would have figured that it was shot entirely with a Nokia Lumia 1020?

Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ becomes most viewed YouTube video of all time!

“Gangnam Style,” the cult hit by Korean hip-hop star Psy, has become the most viewed YouTube video of all time, beating the previous record-holder, Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” At the time of writing, the video — which was uploaded in mid-July — has over 803,760,000 views, beating Bieber by more than 30,000. It also remains the site’s most liked video, having won this accolade in September.

As well as a boost for Psy, taking the top spot is a victory for his record company, YG Entertainment. While every other video in the top six is hosted by content marketing firm Vevo, “Gangnam Style” is hosted on Psy’s own “officialpsy” channel, run by YG. Whether the company will be able to harness their star asset’s newfound popularity to prevent him becoming an international one-hit wonder remains to be seen.

Rihanna reveals ‘Diamonds’ Music Video – watch !

Rihanna’s mysterious, artistic new music video for “Diamonds” has dropped.

It’s the first single, and video, from her new album Unapologetic, and begins with a black-and-white visual of the star, with the aid of diamonds, rolling … something.

She wouldn’t have it any other way, we’re sure.

n between exhaling smoke, Rihanna blends the elements of earth, wind, water, fire … and a male, tattooed arm that totally belongs to Chris Brown.

Okay, maybe not, we have no idea. And it’s “Nobodies Business” anyway right?