Liveblog: Apple announces new iPhone models

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  • Typing…
  • With that, we’re going to sign out for now and will have some hands-on pics, vids and impressions for you as soon as we can get them. Thanks for joining us today!
  • It’s Elvis Costello!
  • There’s an invited guests who has gone trhough great works to get here.
  • “We do really love music and celebrating great artists.”
  • “Before we close, we want to return to music.”
  • Tim is thanking the teams involved in the process.
  • Ad’s over. Loud applause!
  • They’re all talking on the 5C in all sorts of different settings.
  • It’s the 5C, with different people in different languages. Even Klingon!
  • Tim is summing up the products announced so far, and he’s ready to show off an ad.
  • “iOS 7 is the biggest change to iOS since the original iPhone.”
  • “These iPhones are packed with remarkable tech, but we’ve done it in a way that makes it matter to people, making things easier. We don’t just pack in feature after feature.”
  • Tim is back
  • By December 2013, it will be available in more than 100 countries.
  • NTT docomo will also get the iPhone in Japan for the first time.
  • The 5S and 5C will also be available on Sept 20th in stores.
  • The 5C will be available for pre-order on Sept 13th.
  • (The 8GB version of the 4S, that is.)
  • iPhone 4S will stay in the lineup for free.
  • 16GB $199, 32GB is $299 and 64GB is $399 on contract. cases are $49 each
  • Once again, it’s also environmentally friendly. “Others don’t talk about this, but we’re going to continue doing so because it’s important to us.”
  • Actually, he was just summing up iOS 7.
  • Phil’s back and now talking about iOS 7.
  • It’s never stored on Apple servers or backed up to iCloud. That’s great news.
  • Touch ID uses this to make sure it’s as accurate as possible.
  • It maps individual details that the eye can’t see.
  • The sapphire crystal acts as a lens; the sensor essentially takes a picture of your fingerprint and analyzes it.
  • Setting it up is easy, and can read multiple fingerprints.
  • Dan Riccio is talking about how the finger is a great replacement for the password.
  • “It’s what led us to create touch ID.”
  • “It’s not just rampant tech for tech’s sake. Every component and process has been considered and measured to make sure it’s truly useful and enhances the user experience.”
  • Now video time. Jony is back.
  • “Since it’s built in, you can make itunes purchases by using your finger to authenticate.”
  • “Touch ID has been built deeply into iOS 7.”
  • The sensor is built right into the home button!
  • The sensor is 170 microns thin, 500 ppi resolution, scans sub-epidermal skin layers and has 360-degree readability.
  • “It reads your fingerprint at an entirely new level.”
  • Touch ID is now official on the 5S!
  • Now Phil’s on to protection. Passcodes are the most popular way. “Unfortunately, some people find that too cumbersome and don’t set it up. About half of smartphone customers don’t set up a passcode on their device, and they really should.”
  • Phil is now showing a 28MP panoramic shot, and you can adjust exposure automatically as you go along.
  • Large amounts of laughter from the audience.
  • And the squirrel is back for another photo shoot! Apparently he’s back due to popular demand.
  • Phil just showed someone running in normal time and then it turned into a slo-mo as the man dived into a pool.
  • It’s capturing HD 720p video at 120 fps and you can go in and select which parts of hte video you want in normal speed, and which parts you want in slo-mo.
  • Slo-mo is supported as well; 120 fps.
  • You can keep multiple photos from that series of burst shots.
  • Thanks to A7, the phone analyzes all of the burst shots and presents which one it thinks will be your pick for best shot.”
  • “This is great for action shots and fidgeting kids.”
  • Burst mode if you hold down the shutter button, up to 10 frames per second, as long as you hold the button down.
  • It appears to be digital stabilization.
  • It also has auto image stabilization!
  • Phil is showing a current pic, where the skin tones don’t look right; the new pic from the 5S makes the skin tones look a lot more natural!
  • The flash solves the problem of clashing color temperatures. There are over 1,000 unique variations.
  • There’s a new flash called True Tone.
  • It also picks the sharpest of the series of photos.
  • It also does an autofocus matrix metering. “It’s DSR, double stuff.”
  • iOS 7 is designed to take advantage of the new camera. It automatically sets white balance, exposure level and creating a dynamic local tone map.
  • Bigger pixels make for a better picture, Phil says.
  • 15 percent larger active sensor area.
  • The new camera has a 5-element Apple designed lens with f/2.2 aperture.
  • “People love taking photos. We wanted to get smarter and better.”
  • Camera Time!
  • 10 hours LTE browsing, 40 hours music playback.
  • 10 hours 3G talk time, 250 hours standby.
  • What about battery life?
  • It uses the M7 chip and GPS to keep track of the activities you’re doing.
  • Nike is creating a new app called Nike+ Move.
  • They’re also adding a CoreMotion API which identifies user movement and optimizations based on contextual awareness.
  • It enables a new generation of health and fitness apps, Phil says.
  • There’s a new part called M7, that works alongside the A7. It’s a motion co-processor.
  • They’re off, and Phil is back. “I hope you’re blown away. I am.”
  • “We were able to add four times the detail to this dragon.”
  • There’s a new boss that eats the old boss for lunch.
  • The gameplay is absolutely gorgeous.
  • And lens flares “that would make JJ Abrams proud.”
  • You can now combine advanced rendering effects like DoF, blur and full screen vignettes.
  • “Converting games to 64-bit is usually a painful process, but with Apple it took 2 hours.”
  • They’re demoing how fast you can transition from one world to another.
  • There are up to 8 worlds. You play two characters.
  • Each of these areas is as big or bigger than the entire first game.
  • Epic is announcing Infinity Blade 3, the conclusion to the trilogy.
  • “I can hardly believe it’s been 3 years since we introduced Infinity Blade.”
  • Epic Games Co-Founder Donald Mustard is coming on stage
  • “This will enable breakthroughs in performance for graphics-intensive games.”
  • 56 times as fast as the original iPhone.
  • It will have Xcode support, and it’s backwards-compatible. 32 and 64-bit.
  • it’ll have a native 64-bit kernel, libraries, and drivers.
  • Twice as many transistors for roughly the same size as the A6.
  • The A7 is a modern instruction set, with 2x general purpose registers, 2x floating point registers, over 1 billion transistors and 100 square mm die size.
  • It contains the A7 chip! A 64-bit chip.
  • “The iPhone 5S is a huge leap forward in mobile computing performance.”
  • Three colors. Black, gold and silver.
  • “It’s the most forward-thinking phone we’ve ever created.”
  • Now we’re on to the second iPhone. the iPhone 5S!
  • It definitely appears that iOS 7 is meant to complement the colors on the 5C.
  • Craig is now on the video, showing off the graphics, battery life and FaceTime.
  • It offers a dense feel you wouldn’t expect from a plastic product, Jony says.
  • They then insert the rear plate and the assembly goes through multiple processes, like a hard coat that adds a glossy look.
  • The video si now showing the inside. A single piece of polycarbonate, into which they install a reinforced steel frame.
  • “We took the same care with how the 5C feels in your hand.”
  • The surface is continous and seamless.
  • “iPhone 5C is beautifully, unapologetically plastic.”
  • We believe the iPhone is an experience.”
  • “It’s simpler, more essential, more capable and more colorful.”
  • “We believe the iPhone is an experience.”
  • Now on to a video starring Sir Jony Ive.
  • Arsenic-free, mercury-free, and Android-free. Huge laughter at that one!
  • It also hits the checkmarks on the environmental checklist.
  • The new cases are $29 each.
  • Blue, white, pink, yellow and green. 16 GB is $99, 32GB is $199.
  • It also supports more LTE bands than any other smartphone in the world. dual-band Wifi abgn, and BT 4.0.
  • New Facetime HD camera that’s even better in low0light… 1.9-micron pixel size, BSI and FaceTime audio.
  • 8MP iSight camera, BSI, hybrid IR filter and 5-element lens.
  • 4-inch retina display, integrated touch, Full sRGB, widescreen video are among the specs.
  • Made with hard-coated polycarbonate. “Inside it’s built with a new construction method that uses a reinforced steel structure.”
  • There’s a cool line of custom cases for the 5C. They’ve designed areas around the cameras and flash.
  • This is iPhone 5C, and it’s really stunning. It delivers color through every detail. The entire back and sides are made from a single part. The front is one multitouch surface.
  • An incredible all new design that’s more fun and colorful.
  • “A few of you may have seen some shots on the web. And that’s cool!”
  • iPhone 5C!
  • THere are two new designs!
  • “The business has become so large, so this year we’re going to replace the iPHone 5.”
  • “In the past, we’ve lowered the price of the current iPHone, making it accessible to more people. This year, we’re not going to do that.”
  • “iPhone 5 helped take our iphone business to an entirely different level.”
  • He’s talking about iPhone 5, which was instantly the most loved iPhone ever — and the best selling.
  • “A couple of you may have been expecting this.”
  • Now onto iPhone.
  • For any new iPad or new iPhone or 5th-gen iPod Touch.
  • “iOS 7 will present you with a screen that lets you download these apps.”
  • Free on all new iOS devices.
  • “Today we’re announcing that we’re making all five of these apps free.”
  • “We think that iWork has a keen advantage for productivity, and iPhoto and iMovie are great for creativity.” No other platform has apps like these, he says.
  • iMovie lets you make full HD movies from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Apps like iPhoto, which brings photo editing to the next level.
  • “Keynote is the most powerful presentation program ever made.”
  • Now onto iWork.
  • Craig’s off and now Tim is back on stage.
  • iphone 4+, ipad 2+, ipad mini, and 5th-gen ipod touch will all get i.
  • iOS 7 will be free starting Sep 18th.
  • “Downloading iOS 7 is like getting an all new phone that you already know how to use.”
  • Craig’s definitely doing a lot of jokes at his own expense; there was a todo app for buying shampoo and conditioner earlier.
  • In iOS 7, there’s also a new music experience, with iTunes Radio.
  • “What’s really awesome is that on the retina display you can make out different parts of your collection and you can pick out one particular photo and bring it forward.”
  • You can also look at the full year view.
  • An entire vacation automatically pulled together into one group.
  • Now onto Photos. You can group your photos by moments, based on time and location when they were taken.
  • Lots of techno ringtones. “You may miss a call because you’re dancing!”
  • New ringtones as well!
  • You’ll also be able to choose a male voice for Siri.
  • Siri is also improved. “What’s Lady Gaga saying?” Siri shows some of the latest tweets.
  • Search is also more convenient; just pull down from any panel on the home screen.
  • Notification Center can be brought up from the lock screen as well as a swipe down from the top.
  • Swipe up from the bottom to bring up Command Center.
  • Many of this we’ve seen before. He’s showing off the parallax effect on the wallpaper now.
  • “Virtually overnight hundreds of people will download iOS 7. It starts with the lock screen.”
  • “It was just 3 months ago at WWDC that we unveiled iOS 7.”
  • Craig Federighi is up now to talk about iOS 7.
  • “iOS will quickly become the world’s most popular operating system.”
  • “Next month we will ship the 700 millionth iOS device.”
  • But right now he’s going to talk the US specifically.
  • “We’re expanding our footprint outside the US.”
  • Huge applause at the end of that video.
  • Lady Gaga opened the festival, and now we’re seeing some of her performance.
  • Now everyone is rushing into the venue. Reminds us rushing into the Town Hall just about 10 minutes ago, actually.
  • And now to the fans waiting outside, who are dressed up in all sorts of costumes.
  • They prepared a video for it.
  • You can enjoy them on your iPhone or iPad, or even Mac or PC.
  • Many of the concerts are also available on demand.
  • As you can imagine, demand has been off the charts. 20 million people applied for tickets!
  • Tim is talking about the iTunes festival, which is in its 5th year.
  • “Thank you very much for joining us. A special welcome goes out to those joining us in Beijing and Tokyo who are joining us today.”
  • Huge thunderous applause.
  • And Tim Cook has just entered the building!
  • 5 minutes left!
  • Doors are open!
  • That’s a look at the second holding stage — a packed house awaits. Doors should be opening up within five minutes or so.
  • 20 minutes folks!
  • 30 minutes Left! Are you ready?!
  • Apple Store currently offline.

New Sony Xperia smartphone releases help company profits

Sony new smartphone releases help company profits

The smartphone market up until recently was largely dominated by Apple and Samsung that are arguably the two major players, but there has been some movement on the Android platform with the likes of Sony and HTC getting their acts together by providing much more desirable hardware. Now it has been revealed that new Sony Xperia smartphone releases are helping company profits.

PlayStation maker Sony has just released its financial results for the second quarter of 2013 and the company revealed it has shifted 9.6 million Xperia handsets, which is an increase of 30% compared to the same period last year.

This equates to the best ever single quarter success for the company in terms of smartphone sales and has obviously been helped by the release of the Sony Xperia Z, and the Sony’s net profit came out at $35 million compared to a loss last year.

Its mobile division saw its sales rise by 36% to 3.9 billon that was led by sales of Xperia handsets as well as higher than average selling prices. This comes after the company has seen sales slide for its PlayStation 3 and previous losses in the TV market.

The company has also been helped by the weakening of the Yen making products coming out of Japan cheaper to foreign purchasers, but the company promised last year that it would launch new smartphones that would rival the competition.

This seems to be working so far and we can look forward to the next instalment in the Sony mobile revival with the release of the Xperia Honami later this year.

So which smartphones have the best battery life?

Thanks to its massive 3300mAh battery, the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXXscored the best battery life among smartphones in a test conducted by GSM Arena. The site measured the battery life of a number of handsets in three different categories: Web Browsing, Video Playback and Talk Time. So how did some of your favorite handsets make out in the test?
In Talk Time, the top ranked Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX  lasted 20 hours and 24 minutes, surpassing the 12 hour hours and 14 minutes that you could chat non-stop using the overseas edition of the Samsung GALAXY Note. The LTE variant of the phablet lasted a much shorter 8 hours and 2 minutes. In case you were wondering (and we know you were), the Samsung Galaxy S II came in at 8 hours and 25 minutes while the Apple iPhone 4S lasted for 7 hours and 41 minutes.

Battery life on popular handsets - So which smartphones have the best battery life?

When it came to web browsing, the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX let the testers surf for 7 hours and 23 minutes before conking out. The HTC Radar was second and lasted 7 hours and 17 seconds. Lasting for 6 hours and 56 seconds, the Apple iPhone 4S was third. The Samsung Galaxy S II was further down the list with a score of 4 hours. Strangely enough, the LTE version of the Samsung GALAXY Note out lasted the overseas variant of the phone when it came to browsing the web. The 4G LTE model let you go online for 5 hours and 24 minutes before shutting down compared to the paltry 3 hours and 35 minutes on the international model.

Battery life on popular handsets - So which smartphones have the best battery life?

The last category, video playback, also belonged to the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX which let you watch 14 hours and 17 minutes of video, or 28 episodes of  Two and a Half Men, before the battery died. The Samsung Rugby Smart finished second with a score of  9 hours and 34 minutes. The Apple iPhone 4S was fourth, but just 10 minutes off the second place score.  The Samsung Galaxy S II lasted for 8 hours.

Battery life on popular handsets - So which smartphones have the best battery life?

Has Motorola made a statement with the 3300mAh cell it put in the DROID RAZR MAXX? Will we see the manufacturer try to squeeze the same cell into another model? Battery life on smartphones was like the weather, everyone complained about it but no one was willing to do anything about it. Now, consumers have the choice of buying a phone that can last all day without a charge and the success of the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX could lead others to copy Motorola.

What to expect at MWC 2012 : Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, Sony & more

Without a doubt, MWC 2012 is the event that the tech-savvy crowd is looking forward to right now. And that should come as no surprise as the most well-known smartphone and tablet manufacturers are expected to unveil their latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos.
Of course, it is hard to tell what Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, Sony, and the rest of the gang are going to show off at MWC 2012. However, we believe that we have done a good job at making a list of all the suspects. Now go grab a cup of coffee and read along for all the spicy details.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to

At MWC 2012, many will have their eyes focused on HTC as the Taiwanese manufacturer is expected to announce not one, not two, but at least three new smartphones: The HTC One X, HTC One S, and HTC One V. If these names sound entirely new to you, that is because until recently, these devices were known in the blogosphere only by their code names: Edge, Ville, and Primo respectively. Among the three, the One X appears to be the flagship with its Tegra 3 quad-core processor and 4.7-inch 720p display. What is also cool about it is that it may ship before the end of March. Next in rank comes the One S sporting a 1.5GHz dual-core chip and a 4.3-inch qHD display. The One V is expected to be a mid-range offering with a 1GHz processor and a 3.7-inch display. Software-wise, Android 4.0 with Sense 4.0 is expected on all of these smartphones.

But wait, there is a lot more! We recently learned that the HTC Velocity 4G will be the first LTE smartphone in Europe, so seeing the device in person at MWC 2012 is not out of the question. The long-rumored HTC Quattro tablet, powered by a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, might also make an appearance.
Additionally, rumor has it that a device by the name of HTC One XL exists and that it is destined for an MWC announcement. Also, the HTC Fireball and HTC Totem, which are rumored to be launched as the HTC Droid Incredible 3 on Verizon and the HTC Tahiti on AT&T respectively, may be unveiled at the expo too. However, that these last three smartphones will be seen at MWC 2012 is something that should be taken with a dose of disbelief.
Last but not least, HTC is expected to announce a streaming audio service at MWC. It was recently reported that Jimmy Iovine is helping HTC create a unique proposition that will be the default music service on its smartphones and tablets.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to

Rumor has it that Nokia is to announce a whole bunch of new phones at MWC 2012, and the European version of the Nokia Lumia 900 is very likely to be one of them. It might end up being known as the Nokia Lumia 910 and it will be identical to its high-end U.S. counterpart hardware-wise, yet whether it will sport an LTE radio is something that we don’t know yet. Another Windows Phone device – the Nokia Lumia 610, is also expected to attend, and as its model number indicates, it will be an affordable smartphone. And who knows, it may even be the first smartphone powered by the lightweight Windows Phone Tango. Some claim that the Nokia Lumia 610 will actually be the cheapest Windows Phone to dateretailing for about $157 contract-free. There is a slight chance of seeing another budget-friendly smartphone at MWC 2012 – the Nokia Lumia 730, but the sources of that rumor do not appear very trustworthy.

On the non-Windows Phone side of things, a trio of feature phones, namely the Nokia Asha 302, Asha 203, and Asha 202, are said to be coming to MWC 2012. Details regarding their specs are unknown at this time.
It is speculated that Nokia is also getting ready to unveil a successor to the popular Nokia N8 camera phone at MWC 2012. What it will be called, however, is not exactly clear. Some say that the device will be known as the Nokia 808 PureView, yet the 803 and 801 model numbers are not out of the question. Nevertheless, rumors agree on one thing – the N8 successor will stay loyal to the Symbian platform, the latest iteration of which is called Nokia Belle.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to
Since images and videos of the LG Miracle leaked more than a few times already, seeing the smartphone at MWC 2012 would be anything but surprising. The smartphone is expected to be a mid-range Windows Phone device with a 4-inch WVGA NOVA display, 1GHz processor, and a 5-megapixel camera. But this surely can’t be all that LG will have to show off during the expo. There is a chance of seeing the LG Optimus 3D 2, which will stand out with its glasses-free 3D display. Rumor has it that the new model will be slimmer than its predecessor and will sport an IPS-LCD display with a higher resolution. An LG Optimus LTE variant similar to theLG Spectrum for Verizon, but tailored for the European market, could also be unveiled, and as its name suggests, it will support LTE connectivity.
But the goodness does not end here. There is a chance of seeing the rumored LG X3 smartphone powered by a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and flaunting an impressive 4.7-inch display with 720p resolution. Last but not least, we have reasons to believe that LG is working on a device similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note. Known as the LG Optimus Vu, it is said to offer a 5-inch display with 1024 by 768 pixels of resolution. However, we doubt that the phablet will be present at MWC 2012.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to

That Sony is expected to introduce at least one new Xperia smartphone at MWC 2012 is something that we are already aware of. Or at least that is what the MWC 2012 invitation from not long ago leads us to believe. One of the devices that might be unveiled officially is the Sony Xperia P, also known by its Nypon code name. Its rumored specs include a 4-inch qHD display with the impressive 1000 nits of brightness and a 1GHz dual-core chipset made by ST-Ericsson. A smartphone that is just as likely to be unveiled is the Sony Xperia U (aka Sony Kumquat) – a mid-range Android device sporting a 3.5-inch display with 480 by 854 pixels of resolution and a 1GHz dual-core processor. Not to be forgotten is a Sony smartphone codenamed Pepper, which is rumored to offer a 3.7-inch 480×854 display and a 1.2GHz dual-core processor.

Here is another interesting thing. We recently found out that Sony has trademarked the Xperia Sola name in both Europe and the U.S. That said, Xperia Sola might turn out to be a name reserved for one of the smartphones that Sony will unveil at MWC 2012.
Oh, and by the way, there is a wild rumor going around that a Sony tablet codenamed Crystal could materialize soon. Presumably, it will be an HSPA+ enabled slate for AT&T. However, we don’t think that the chances of seeing the device at MWC are too high right now.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to

Something that we know for sure is that Samsung will not be announcing the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone at MWC 2012. But what will the Korean company unveil then? The Samsung Galaxy mini 2 leaked not long ago, and chances are that it will be announced officially at the expo. But we know that low-end Android smartphones are not the most exciting thing out there. According to a recent speculation, the Korean manufacturer is to announce a device known as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. It is supposed that it will be a 10.1-inch tablet enhanced with an S-Pen for input, and those who might be interested in the device include students and artists.

Of course, we are crossing our fingers in hope that Samsung has more tricks up its sleeve for MWC 2012. Some say that a 11.6-inch tablet with a 2.0GHz dual-core processorunder the hood and with a high-resolution display might make a debut, but that is just a wild rumor at this time.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to

In all honesty, we don’t really have much reliable information as to what Motorola will present at MWC 2012. However, there is a device that might make an appearance, and if it does, it will surely grab some attention. We are talking about a Motorola Android 4.0 smartphone powered by an Intel processor. Images of the device were revealed just days ago, and if it has been meant to be, we might get to play with it at MWC. All that is said about the yet-unnamed smartphone is that it sports a new version of Motorola’s custom user interface and that its camera can take up to 15 shots per second in burst mode.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to

What Asus will definitely be showing off at MWC 2012 is the Asus PadFone – a very interestingly looking combo between a smartphone and a tablet. The contraption features an Android smartphone that docks inside a screen shell and… voila! You have a tablet. According to the latest rumors, the PadFone will sport a quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

A successor to the Asus Eee Pad Transformer is also believed to exist aspictures of the supposed device surfaced on the web a couple of weeks ago. However, we have no idea whether the Asus Eee Pad Transformer 2 is ready for debut, so chances of it coming to MWC 2012 are somewhat slim.


MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to

The Acer CloudMobile was discovered just a week ago as Acer itself revealed the smartphone prematurely. It is an Android smartphone sporting a 4.3-inch HD display sporting a respectable waistline of 9 millimeters. The smartphone is also said to be tightly integrated with Acer’s AcerCloud technology, which is said to make the handset even more cloud-centric than other devices. According to  rumors, the phone will become available sometime in Q3 this year