Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ finally broke YouTube!

Psy Gagnam Style

Long after becoming the first YouTube video to surpass 1 billion views, and months after becoming the first video to crack the 2 billion view barrier, Psy’s Gangnam Style has officially become the first video to break YouTube.

Well, YouTube’s hit counter, at least.

YouTube’s hit counter was programmed using a 32-bit integer, YouTube explained on Google+ this week, as the service never imagined a single video racking up more than the 2,147,483,647 views that the code maxes out at. Then Psy happened.

Gangnam Style 2 Billion views

The count stalled out when it hit that magic number, but fear not: YouTube’s code elves got to work and a fix already appears to be in place, as the video’s views currently stand at 2,152,512,194 (whew!) and counting. Google didn’t explain how it fixed the issue, but it did leave a small Easter Egg hidden in the 32-bit integer’s wake; hover your cursor over Gangnam Style’s counter and it’ll start freaking out, before finally settling on a negative number and linking to the Google+ post.

But the best part of the ordeal? You’ve got an excuse to watch Psy do that hypnotically hilarious dance yet again (and again… and again…).


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PSY, “Gentleman” Music Video Demolishing YouTube Records!

While PSY “Gentleman” lyrics give you little idea what the song is even about, the Korean rapper is clearly doing something right with his new hit song.

First, it set the new high water mark for YouTube views on the day of its debut and surpassed 100 million in less than a week. Now he’s added a new record:

“Gentleman” was viewed an amazing 38 million times on April 14 alone, shattering the single-day record of 30 million set by the KONY 2012 short film.

Right now, “Gentleman” is well over 200 million views in less than two weeks. About the only thing left for PSY to beat now is … well, “Gangnam Style.”

That one could be tough. But watch it below and help him out!

Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ video banned in South Korea!

Psy’s latest video is not receiving a warm reception in his native South Korea!

The clip for “Gentleman,” the K-pop sensation’s “Gangnam Style” follow-up, has been banned by a South Korean broadcaster because it depicts the abuse of public property, the Associated Press reports. In the video, Psy is seen kicking a “no parking” sign.

The consequences have offended channel chiefs at Kbs, who insist they amount to the destruction of public property, and they are refusing to air the clip for fear of negatively influencing youngsters to do the same.

‘Gentleman’ has since racked up over 144 million views in its first five days online, but it still has a long way to go before matching the success of ‘Gangnam Style’, which became the first pop clip to ever reach one billion views.

Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ sequel, ‘Gentleman M/V’ hits YouTube!

Psy’s sequel vid to the hyper-uber-gigantic “Gangnam Style” landed on YouTube today, and as of this writing it’s garnered only a paltry 19 million viewings or so, with about 439,000 thumbs up and 56,243 thumbs down.

It’s tough being an international sensation.

Of course, it’s impossible to know if “Gentleman M/V” will top its predecessor’s more than 1.5 billion views — the most ever on YouTube — but something tells us the pre-adolescent crowd will find one or two things to love here (things we’re too polite to mention in mixed company), and that the pubescent male contingent will probably approve as well.

And, hey, perhaps even those who remember MC Hammer and the days before YouTube will be won over by Psy’s continuing zany elasticity.

Besides, whose curiosity won’t cause him or her to watch at least the first few seconds? Here’s your chance. See if you make it all the way through.