Rihanna’s Almost-Nude Cover Shoot For ‘Esquire UK’ Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

Rihana Esquire

When Rihanna arrived back on Instagram this weekend, I was actually astounded time didn’t stop or a parade wasn’t immediately held in her honor (#rude). Despite this super disrespectful lack of public fanfare, badgalriri has been uploading photos left and right, from birthday parties, to her sick Halloween costume, to a sneak peak at her upcoming December cover for Elle magazine, which the mag described as “boldly stripped down.”

Rihanna Esquire 1

Well, it seems she’s also stripping down (way, way down) for the December cover of UKEsquire‘s ‘Food & Drink’ themed issue, and to say the spread is amazing would pretty much be the understatement of the century.

No, seriously. Look.

Rihana Esquire 2

She uploaded a few other pictures from the spread, which was shot by famed fashion photog Ellen von Unwerth, and full disclosure—you might need a super strong fan or some ice water to get through the rest of it. Rihanna SLAYS.

Rihanna naked  esquire



Rihanna Naked Esquire

Black and white pictures + a shower hose – clothing = Rihanna’s best spread eva, IMHO. If she was looking for a way to truly ring in the return of her reign over Instagram, these pictures straight up nailed it. Bless you, Rih-Rih, BLESS YOU.

Rihanna Esquire 2Source


Rihanna Gets Even MORE Naked In GQ, Reveals She Almost Got A Face Tattoo!?

Oh, look! Rihanna’s basically totally naked for the second time this week.

Guys, we didn’t think it was possible for Rihanna to get even MORE naked than when she wore ONLY a leather jacket on the cover of GQ, but, rest assured, she did. And this time in the actual pages of GQ. In a BIG way. Did we mention there’s more than one picture? Specifically, there are a whopping five brand-new, basically naked pictures of Rihanna to drool over. Welp, it’s a great day for the Rihanna navy, and that’s all we’ll say.

In addition to dropping trou within GQ’s December issue, just the past few weeks alone Rihanna has already posed basically nake-o with Kate Moss on the cover V Magazine, pranced around in her skivvies at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, tweeted a photo of her as a topless marijuana bride after Halloween, and finally, rocked a skimpy nude bikini to celebrate the completion of her forthcoming Unapologetic disc.

Inside the issue, Rihanna discusses things like that one time she almost got a face tattoo (OMG), the kind of music she hopes to create, and even touches on the infamous Chris Brown/Drake brawl. On the (almost) face tattoo debacle of 2012, Rihanna confesses: “The tattoo artist said nope, I’m not gonna do it,” she says, “because if you’re looking at your face, it’s right there staring at you.” GREAT CALL. On the type of music she hopes to create, Rihanna explains: “I want to make music that’s hopeful, uplifting. Nothing corny or super sentimental. I just want it to have the feeling that brings you out of whatever you’re going through. I want it to spark that fire. I want it to be real, authentic, and raw.” We feel you, bb! Wanna know what else is real, authentic, and raw? Returning to your natural state and not wearing any clothes. Way to keep things consistent.

Rihanna Poses Topless in Esquire, Gets Pissed at Chris Brown Questions!

Rihanna covers the new UK issue of Esquire Magazine.

She is not wearing a top, either. Color us astonished.

Even more amazingly, the publication asked about – yes – Chris Brown, specifically Rih’s controversial decision to record music with him again this winter.

Her response? Not exactly what you’d call thrilled.

Rihanna Topless in Esquire UK

Brown, whose new song “Off That Liquor” is likely a message to Rihanna, always seems to end up as part of the conversation with her.

Asked why she decided to record a couple of remixes with her ex-boyfriend, Rihanna responded pretty angrily to the persistent inquiry.

We can’t do it justice, so read the exchange below:

  •     Esquire: What has been the Twitter response to the Chris Brown remixes?
  •     Rihanna: Some love it, some hate it, some love it but still hate that we did it. But the response in the end has been incredible.
  •     Esquire: Was that [the recording session] the first time you’d seen him in a while?
  •     Rihanna: When would we have seen each other? We’ve both been working and touring. [changes the subject]. This is really good food.
  •     Esquire: It proved quite a controversial thing.
  •     Rihanna: Well…definitely. Definitely. The whole thing caught me a little off-guard to be honest… especially the amount of… negative attention. Because it never occurred to me how this was going to be a problem, you know. It really didn’t.