Rihanna’s Almost-Nude Cover Shoot For ‘Esquire UK’ Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

Rihana Esquire

When Rihanna arrived back on Instagram this weekend, I was actually astounded time didn’t stop or a parade wasn’t immediately held in her honor (#rude). Despite this super disrespectful lack of public fanfare, badgalriri has been uploading photos left and right, from birthday parties, to her sick Halloween costume, to a sneak peak at her upcoming December cover for Elle magazine, which the mag described as “boldly stripped down.”

Rihanna Esquire 1

Well, it seems she’s also stripping down (way, way down) for the December cover of UKEsquire‘s ‘Food & Drink’ themed issue, and to say the spread is amazing would pretty much be the understatement of the century.

No, seriously. Look.

Rihana Esquire 2

She uploaded a few other pictures from the spread, which was shot by famed fashion photog Ellen von Unwerth, and full disclosure—you might need a super strong fan or some ice water to get through the rest of it. Rihanna SLAYS.

Rihanna naked  esquire



Rihanna Naked Esquire

Black and white pictures + a shower hose – clothing = Rihanna’s best spread eva, IMHO. If she was looking for a way to truly ring in the return of her reign over Instagram, these pictures straight up nailed it. Bless you, Rih-Rih, BLESS YOU.

Rihanna Esquire 2Source


Rihanna Nude in Playboy: Possibly Coming Soon!

Pop star Rihanna has been offered over $1 million to pose naked for Playboy, according to MTV UK. Whether it actually happens is another story.

According to site, Playboy CEO Hugh Hefner is keen for Rihanna to shed her clothes for his iconic publication and is said to have made a secret offer.

A big offer. Lindsay Lohan-sized.

Rihanna Nude in Esquire

MTV cites anonymous sources claiming Rihanna is interested in posing nude for the men’s magazine, but is concerned how her fan base will react.

Something hasn’t seemed to bother her when it comes to remixes with Chris Brown, or Tweeting pics of obvious drug use, or anything for that matter.

Fans also love her slightly reckless, eff-the-world antics. Just saying.

“Rihanna and Hef are in top secret discussions at the moment. He sees Rihanna as the best music star to have on the cover,” a source says.

“Rihanna has got naked many times before and is very self-assured about her body. She already Tweets topless photos and doesn’t get paid for it. Here she would be earning more than a million for exactly the same thing.”

No one can dispute that.

The source added that RiRi is expected to decide soon, with Hefner convinced her issue will be a best-seller due to the singer’s worldwide success.

After the Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos broke sales records for the mag, which had been slipping of late, Hef may know what he’s talking about.

“She is at the top of her game right now – beautiful, sexy and with huge international appeal. Playboy is not a sleazy porn magazine either.”

“Unlike other magazines, it allows the stars to get nude in a classy and sophisticated way. That aspect appeals to Rihanna’s creative side.”

They continued with the note that: “Her concern is that she doesn’t alienate her army of young fans who could think this is a little too risque.”

Okay, this report is obviously fake. Everyone knows Rihanna has a Navy, not an army.