Zac Efron Wins Best Shirtless Performance, Gets Stripped by Rita Ora!


Zac Efron may not have kept his earlier promise to accept his MTV Movie Award sans shirt, but no matter – presenter Rita Ora was quick to assist. 

The Neighbors star, 26, had Tweeted, “If I beat Thor – I’m accepting the award shirtless on stage” back in March, but when the moment finally came Sunday night, Efron’s button-down remained firmly in place. 

As the audience heckled him, Ora snuck up behind Efron and did the honors, ripping his shirt down to the navel to reveal that the actor had in fact been working on his fitness.

“I really don’t know what to say, but thank you so much to my fans,” a bare-chested Efron added before laughing and removing the top completely, whipping it around like a lasso. Rounding out his acceptance speech? A flex and salute to the cheering crowd. 


Rita Ora & Rob Kardashian Go Their Separate Ways!

Are Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian really over?!

These two made such an adorable couple, but just a few months after the two kind of, sort of, went public with their love and affection via an Instagram cheek-kiss, rumors of their split are all over the web!

A source told The Sun:

“It’s really sad – they really liked each other but with him living in LA and her over in London, it was becoming impossible to maintain a relationship. They’d only decided to go public with the romance a couple of months ago so as not to put any pressure on themselves, but they’ve already split. Rob has now deleted everything on Twitter that reminds him of Rita.”

After deleting his entire twitter history, Rob returned with these gems:

With Rob alleging Rita cheated with multiple men, maybe it’s for the best. Rita is at the beginning of her career and Rob is just getting his foot in the door as an established entrepreneur.

Young love is usually all over the place, so it’s pretty much a definite they’ll be all over each other again next week.

If not… who’s a better look for Rita?