Samsung announces ATIV S and ATIV Tab, Windows Phone 8 device and Tablet!

Samsung announces ATIV S, a 48inch Windows Phone 8 device

Samsung took to the stage in Berlin to showcase its new product lineup, and one of the featured devices is the first confirmed Windows Phone 8 device. Dubbed the ATIV S, the new Microsoft-sanctioned smartphone offers a 4.8-inch screen with an HD Super AMOLED display, a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm CPU, 8MP rear camera and 1.9MP front-facing cam. Additionally, it’s got a beefy 2,300mAh battery, 1GB RAM, Gorilla Glass 2 and will come in both 16 and 32GB flavors. At 8.7mm, it’s also reasonably thin. Its body is made of brushed aluminum and comes with a WP8-friendly MicroSD slot. We’ve got another pic of the ATIV S below, and we’ll have a hands-on to you as soon as possible.

Samsung announces ATIV S, a 48inch Windows Phone 8 device

Samsung introduces ATIV Tab: a 10.1-inch Windows RT tablet

Samsung introduces ATIV Tab a 101inch Windows RT tablet

Samsung’s busy cranking out its fall lineup here in Berlin, and among the new entries is the ATIV Tab, aWindows RT-packing cousin of the Galaxy Note 10.1. The new 10.1-inch slate isn’t quite as aggressive as its Android counterpart and centers on a 1,366 x 768 display, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, a 5MP rear camera paired with a 1.9MP front-facing cam, and ports for micro-HDMI as well as USB. Dimensionally, the tablet is as light and skinny as you’d hope: it weighs 20.1 ounces (570g) and measures a slim 8.9mm thick. The 32GB and 64GB storage options aren’t shockers given the extra space Windows and the bundled copy of Office 2013 Home and Student 2013 will demand, but there’s a treat for long-haul users in the battery — it’s been upgraded from the 7,000maH pack of the Note 10.1 to an ample 8,200mAh unit. Samsung hasn’t handed out launch details, but it’s safe to say that the ATIV Tab won’t arrive any sooner than October 26th.