US Carriers teases the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6!

Samsung Galaxy S6 photo leak T-Mobile

What do we have here? Yes, that is what appears to be the best teaser photo of the Samsung Galaxy S6 we’ve seen yet, as found on the T-Mobile website.

The page itself on the T-Mobile site offers little more than the image, embellished by the cheeky words “Six Appeal,” and a note to check back on March 1st. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Samsung will be officially announcing their latest flagship device next week, and that U.S. consumers will be able to at least pre-register, if not pre-order, from T-Mobile without delay after the announcement.

galaxy s6 teaser

The device we are seeing in the T-Mobile image, appears to be the Edge variant of the device. With the curved sides of the display that wrap around just a little way. There is a touch of class borrowed from the Galaxy Note 4 here as well. Just look at that backing, that appears to be metal, and the shiny chromed metal looking ring garnishing the glass of the display, looks like metal to me.

Here’s the same device in AT&T blue, from here. Coming Spring 2015. Verizon red and Sprint yellow shouldn’t be far behind.

samsung galaxy s6 at&t teaser

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Sprint has now put up the same image.. now we’re just waiting to see if Verizon follows suit:



Softbank acquires 70% of Sprint for $20.1 billion!

In a press event today, Japanese carrier SoftBank officially announced it is acquiring 70 percent of US carrier Sprint for $20.1 billion. The money will be spent on both newly-issued shares ($8 billion) as well as on existing ones ($12.1 billion).

This comes as a breath of fresh air for Sprint, as the company had plans to invest around $3 billion dollars in its LTE network.

The procurement must go through the usual hurdle of FCC and antitrust approvals plus Sprint’s shareholders are yet to approve the acquisition as well. However, if any of the company breaks the deal from this point forward, it will have to shell out $600 million in termination fees.

Sprint may be acquired by Japan’s SoftBank!

Sprint may be acquired by Japan's SoftBankSprint, the third largest wireless carrier in the U.S., may end up getting acquired by the Japanese cellular service provider SoftBank, according to sources familiar with the companies’ plans. Reportedly, both carriers are already in “advanced talks” regarding the deal. SoftBank, which is currently the third largest carrier by number of subscribers in Japan, is aiming to acquire a two-thirds stake in Sprint. If the deal gets approved, it is estimated that it will cost an amount exceeding 1.5 trillion yen ($19,2 billion).

The news comes only days after SoftBank announced its plans to acquire one of its local competitors, eAccess. And now, as the carrier is aiming to expand its business into the U.S. market, some are looking at SoftBank’s acquisition of Sprint as a massive gamble. The Japanese provider has made such significant moves in the past, such as its acquisition of the Japanese arm of Vodafone Group.

iPhone takes Top 3 spots of 2011’s Best-selling Smartphones & Nokia is now the Largest WP Manufacturer

The annual “Mobile Future in Focus” report was released yesterday and it comes as no surprised, Apple’s iPhone dominated the charts. The report shows both sales in both the US and EU5, which includes France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.K, from January 2011 through December 2011. The iPhone remained prominent on both charts.

In the US, the iPhone 4 took the top spot, followed by the iPhone 3GS, and the iPhone 4S. The BlackBerry Curve 8530 and the HTC Evo 4G occupied spots 4 and 5. iPhone takes top 3 spots of 2011â��s best-selling smartphones in the US
Taking a look at the EU5 chart, the iPhone 4 came in first, followed by the iPhone 3GS. The Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 and Samsung Galaxy S II came in 3rd and 4th. Finally the iPhone 4S took up the rear in 5th.

It is definitely interesting to see how strong the iPhone 3GS continues to perform even though there are 2 successors available. We assume that much of its success can be attributed to the low price point.

Overall, both US and European markets saw a growth in the sales of smartphones. In the seconds half of 2011, the US smartphone market grew 14.8% to encompass 41.8% of all mobile users. The EU5 saw a 13% growth to 44% in the same time period.

No Surprise: Nokia is Largest Windows Phone Manufacturer

Given Nokia’s special relationship with Microsoft it was inevitable that the Finnish handset maker would reign supreme on the Windows Phone platform, but it is impressive that it took just one quarter to do so.  In a study released by Strategy Analytics, Nokia came out on top of Windows Phone makers in the final quarter of 2011.  Windows Phone overall saw a 36% growth in units shipped.  While this may sound like great news for both Nokia and Microsoft, keep in mind that Nokia only shipped 900,000 phones during this time frame and that Windows Phone’s overall market share dropped to 1.9%, down from 3.4% a year ago.  For reference, Apple shipped 37 million iPhones during the same time frame and Android’s market share jumped from 30.5% to 50.9%.  While this achievement is certainty something for Nokia to hang its hat on, it also shows that there is a long road ahead for the two giants.