Microsoft Windows 8 Launch

Event Started! 

After months of waiting, the launch of Windows 8 is imminent, and Microsoft is streaming its event in New York City. We’re there for any news, but if you want to see the whole thing yourself, you can watch on Microsoft’s site here. It’s just started, and we expect to see not only fanfare for the new touch-focused version of Windows but some new showcased apps. If you’re interested in the OS itself, it’s going to be generally available on Friday, October 26th.

In case you haven’t noticed, today is Windows 8 day! Microsoft is officially launching its newest operating system and it’s looking to make a bang as big as possible.

Not that we don’t already know quite a bit about Windows 8, but the software giant obviously wants to do this the right way – with a dedicated event in NYC, where we expect it to talk about some new details about the OS, as well as its key features which we already know. As far as devices go, we aren’t really sure if there’s going to be something new that will get unveiled, but there’s still a good chance that there will.

The event is scheduled to start at 11:15 AM EDT | 10:15 AM CDT | 08:15 AM PDT | 05:15 PM CET | 03:15 PM GMT | 06:15 Pm KSA / Beirut Time.