Another Microsoft ad disses iPad’s specs, multitasking, AirPrint and more

Wow, that was quick. Following on yesterday’s Windows 8 commercial which uses Apple’s Siri to highlight the iPad’s perceived flaws – such as its $499 price point versus an Asus VivoTab Smart and lack of Office (go figure), the Redmond-based software giant today release another ad along the same lines.

Suggestively titled ‘Comparison: iPad vs. Windows 8 Tablet’, the commercial pits an iPad 4 against an Asus Vivo Tab RT, which is based on the same ARM CPU technology like Apple’s tablet. However, the software maker has been caught cheating…

As you can see below, the commercial praises the Asus hardware for being thinner (0.37 inches versus 0.32 inches) and lighter (1.44lbs versus 1.16lbs) than the iPad 4.

Of course, the Windows maker also highlights its Office offering (“One Note app only comes with Microsoft Office”) and multitasking capabilities of Windows 8 that allow users to run two apps concurrently in split-screen mode.

You also need to buy a micro SD adapter for your iPad, the ad proclaims, and can only print to a special AirPrint-compatible printer whereas the Asus tablet prints wirelessly to “nearly all printers”.

Microsoft also has a nice web page up where users can choose to compare an iPad 4 to an Asus VivoTab Smart, Dell XPS 10, HP Envy x2 and Microsoft’s own Surface RT.


Unfortunately for Microsoft, Elliot Temple of points out that a comparison between the iPad and the Asus device on Microsoft’s web site is inaccurate, to say the least.

iMicrosoft claims the Asus tablet “has a bigger touchscreen” whereas in reality Asus’ device has 3.55 percent less area than the iPad, not 36 percent more as Microsoft depicts.


Elliot explains:

The iPad screen is 7.76 by 5.82 inches. The ASUS screen is 8.8 by 4.95 inches. ASUS is larger in one direction but smaller in the other direction, and has 3.55% less area than the iPad, not 36% more as Microsoft depicts.

How can the screen with a larger diagonal measurement be smaller? Because it’s a different shape. Long and thin gets you a bigger diagonal but a smaller screen, for the same diagonal inches.

On a related note, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates recently asserted that people are frustrated because the iPad “lacks real keyboard and real Office”.

Rihanna and Chris Brown: The “Birthday Cake” & “Turn Up the Music” Remixes!

Looks like the rumors were true … well, at least one of them was.

The alleged collaboration of Rihanna and Chris Brown on a remixed version of her single “Birthday Cake” is very much the real deal, as the former couple tweeted it out on Monday evening … which was Rihanna’s 24th birthday, fittingly.

Take a listen to their tag-team effort below:

Rihanna feat. Chris Brown – Birthday Cake (Official Remix)

“@rihanna YIKES!!! Cake, cake, cake!” Brown tweeted with a link to Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” remix, which features his new, suggestive lyrics.

Shortly after Rihanna responded with, “#RihannaNavy Come and put ya name on it!!!!! RT @chrisbrown: @rihanna YIKES!!! Cake, cake, cake!”

So … there’s that. She then linked to a second collaboration between the two, a remixed version of his “Turn Up the Music.” Take a listen to that after the jump:

Chris Brown ft. Rihanna – Turn Up The Music Remix (Official)

Rih wrote to her ex (and fans): “@chrisbrown Turn up the music remix #RihannaNavy #Teambreezy enjoy!!!”

While the pair seem pleased with the work, the question is whether fans are willing to overlook Brown’s 2009 assault against the star and behavior since then.

Some people (Miranda Lambert, CM Punk) seem not inclined to do, while others (Sherri Shepherd) have shown willingness to move on.

‘Flying People’ Over New York city Stuns Passers !

Screen grab

Ads for 1978’s “Superman: The Movie” proclaimed “You’ll believe a man can fly.”  This past weekend, a very different kind of promotion for a new superhero film actually did convince some New Yorkers that human beings had taken to the skies.

What looked to be three people were spotted flying around the skies of lower Manhattan last Friday, causing a lot of double-takes and dropped jaws from onlookers.  But while it appeared to be a sight straight out of a comic book, it was actually a clever bit of viral marketing for this week’s upcoming film “Chronicle.”  Those aren’t people in the air, but some very intricately designed radio-controlled airplanes.  Watch the video of their flight, and keep reading to learn how it was done.

The movie tells the story of three high school students who discover they have superpowers, including the ability to fly.  To promote it, the studio called on Thinkmodo, a company that specializes in creating viral sensations.  They first made a splash with a video that seemed to show a man using an invention to hack into the video screens in Times Square.  It was later revealed to be a tie-in for the Bradley Cooper movie “Limitless,” which went on to be a surprise hit.  For “Chronicle,” though, the team had a different direction in mind.

James Percelay said that he and his partner Michael Krivicka were approached by 20th Century Fox, the studio behind “Chronicle,” and they hatched a plan to do a live event they would also film for a viral video.  Percelay said they received approval for the project just three weeks ago.  They employed model airplane builders in Oregon, Pennsylvania, and New York to build the three featured planes and two back-ups.

Percelay said, “The planes are highly sophisticated dacron/carbon fiber, battery-powered, radio-controlled units,” each with over 200 parts.  Percelay described the individual pieces as being “light and delicate as potato chips.”  Their “flying people” are six feet tall, but they weigh only four pounds.  The aircraft were all built in a week, half the time it would normally take to construct them.

Percelay wouldn’t reveal exactly who was piloting the planes in the video, only to say “[They] are expert AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) members with amazing skills.”  They practiced flying for two days in Long Island before taking them out for a spin in New York.  According to the Los Angeles Times, the three people-planes made six trips over the Hudson River, each lasting only five minutes due to the short lives of their batteries.  One flyer did take a tumble into the river and had to be fished out by the NYC Harbor Patrol.

Unlike the “Limitless” video, where the promotional aspect was hidden until the viral element has spread across the Internet, the “Chronicle” stunt actually shows how it was done.  Percelay said the Thinkmodo team felt “the behind-the-scenes aspect of this video was even cooler than trying to create a hoax.”  In an age when we assume everything we see has been digitally manipulated in one way or another, it is especially impressive to watch real aircraft being piloted to such an amazing effect.

Percelay said that the spectators in New York — notoriously a hard-to-impress bunch — were uniformly astounded by the flying people.  He said, “We loved that nobody felt threatened by them since their movements were so life-like and graceful… A number of people said it looked like an ‘aerial ballet.'”

Watch The Trailer :